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New iPad mini 2022 could have a 120Hz display that fixes a big problem


The iPad mini (2021) was a major development from Apple, launching a new wide-range design. But it was not without problems, including reports of ‘jelly scrolling’ Apple could fix that on the iPad mini (2022) though, by increasing the refresh rate to 120Hz.

One more upgrade will be the original size of 128GB, rather than the 64GB for the iPad mini (2021). That would be nice to see, as 64GB is simply not enough for this day and age. However, a source says the iPad mini 2022 will cost less than the iPad mini (2021), which when viewed starts at $ 499 / £ 479 / AU $ 749.

We can take all of this with the help of great salt. This is a new source so they do not yet have a record, and we can assume that we will soon hear of new iPad mini rumors – calling this the iPad mini (2022) as that is possible. when will it come when Apple already receives on-screen samples, but the company rarely updates the list immediately?

Analysis: jelly scrolling begone:

We can also assume that it is unlikely that Apple will bring the 120Hz screen to the iPad mini anytime soon – or maybe if it launches the iPad mini Pro it can justify one there. That being said, action can be taken if you really fix the problem of scrolling through the gel. Jelly scrolling refers to a problem where text lines appear to be tilting or moving when you scroll through them, such as when reading a web page.

This can only be seen in image capture, and Apple claims that the normal behavior of LCD screens, which causes the screen to regenerate line by line, leads to delays that can make text look weak – like jelly.

It is not very noticeable to most people, but moving to a 120Hz refresh rate can be adjusted, as although it does not eliminate the problem completely, it could mean that the screen can refresh twice faster, making the jelly effect less noticeable.

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