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IPhone SE: An exclusive phone with prehistoric design


The iPhone SE is Apple’s entry-level iPhone, starting at $ 429. The device offers affordable access to the iPhone lineup, with many key features such as a powerful A-series chip, a high quality 4K video recording camera, Haptic Touch, wireless charging, water and dust resistance, and so much more.

However, The current model has added an A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13, 5G connection, an improved rear camera with improved photography capabilities, improved battery life, and stronger glass. It was announced in March 2022, the iPhone SE is the newest iPhone on Apple’s list and has just begun its product cycle. Also, Apple waited almost three years to update the first iPhone SE before the release of the 2020 model, which leaves another two years before launching the current model.

While the third-generation iPhone SE is still relatively new, there are early signs that the new model is working with a larger display. All in all, now is a good time to buy the iPhone SE and many customers should not wait for the new model to be introduced.

However, Apple has updated the iPhone SE with the current generation of the Apple Silicon A15 chip also used in the iPhone 13. In addition to the A15, the iPhone SE gets 5G mobile connectivity. It has a 4.7-inch display, with sturdy glass front and rear, and an IP67 rating. Touch ID still exists, of course, because of the home button already in place. Storage options will start at 64GB, double up to 128GB and 256GB.There is still a single 12-megapixel rear camera, but the addition of the A15 processor should improve the overall picture and video quality.

Finally, the new iPhone SE will run iOS 15 out of the box and will continue to receive software updates, such as the iPhone 13.The iPhone SE (2022) is faster and better connected than its predecessor, and at the most attractive current price of the new 5G iPhone. However if you are looking for a better iPhone deal with bigger screens, better cameras, and a larger list of modern specs, the new SE may not be yours.


  • It is powerful in cost
  • Affordable 5G iPhone
  • Thin and lightweight design


  • It only starts with 64GB of storage
  • The screen is overcrowded
  • More expensive than SE 2.

 Now let’s have a brief look upon its design, storage and other features.


The third generation version of the iPhone SE continues to look like a second generation model from 2020, which was similar to the 2017 iPhone 8. However, the iPhone SE features a 4.7-inch display with dense bezels up and down. device.

The top bezel features a front-facing camera cutout, speaker, and compatible sensor, and at the bottom of the device, there is a Touch ID home button covered with sapphire crystal.

Like the iPhone 8, the iPhone SE has an entire glass body that uses a seven-layer ink process to add color to the glass, resulting in a rich color depth. The glass display and glass body are held together by an aluminum belt that matches the color of each iPhone for easy viewing, and there are thin lines of sticks.

Also, Apple says the 2022 iPhone SE uses a durable glass that makes it resistant to drops and scratches. It is fitted with “the strongest glass on the smartphone.” The rear of the iPhone SE has a rear camera with a single lens, microphone, and LED light. On the left side of the iPhone SE, there is a mute switch and volume buttons, while on the right side is a sleep / wake button. The bottom includes a power cord and speaker holes, and like the previous iPhones, there is no headphone jack so Bluetooth or Lightning headphones are required.

However, The iPhone SE measures 138.4mm in length.67.3mm wide, 7.3mm wide, and weighs 5.09 ounces, which is just a little lighter than the previous model. While it has the smallest display of the current iPhone, the iPhone 13 mini is physically smaller. Because the iPhone SE shares the design with the iPhone 8, the cases built for the iPhone 8 work with the iPhone SE, as do the conditions for the 2020 iPhone SE model.

Available Colors:

The iPhone SE is available in starlight (a white color), midnight (a very dark blue), and a RED option that features a bright red glass-backed shell.

Water and Dust Resistance:

The iPhone SE adheres to light, rain, and brief exposure to water by accident, but deliberate exposure to water should continue to be avoided. Apple warns that water and dust resistance are not permanent and can be reduced due to normal aging, and Apple’s warranty does not cover any water damage.


The iPhone SE uses a 4.7-inch “Retina HD” LCD display with a resolution of 1334 x 750 and 326 pixels per inch and a contrast resolution of 1400: 1. Apple has not upgraded the display since the iPhone 8, and the iPhone SE is the only iPhone to use the LCD display. Apple has upgraded some iPhones to OLED.

However, it Includes multi-touch capabilities, P3 color support for rich, real-life colors, oleophobic fingerprint protection, and 625 nits high brightness.

True Tone:

The iPhone SE supports True Tone, a feature that has been featured on iPad and iPhone models for several years now.True Tone uses an ambient light sensor to detect light in a room, adjusting color temperature and intensity to match natural looking, paper-like light that reduces eye strain.

Haptic Touch:

The iPhone SE offers the same Haptic Touch functionality that is available throughout the iPhone system.

Haptic Touch works in much the same way as 3D Touch and offers many of the same functionality, but it is not pressure-sensitive and does not support many of the functions of each printer. Instead it is best described as long pressing or pressing and holding with a haptic response.

Haptic Touch can be used throughout the app with many functions such as accessing Quick Actions on the Home Screen, previewing links in Safari, activating the screen light lock, accessing additional features in the Control Center, and more.

A15 Bionic Chip:

It has a powerful A series chip, high quality camera with 4k video recording, wireless charging ,water and dust resistance etc. The current model has added an A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13, 5G connection, an improved rear camera with advanced photography capabilities, improved battery life, and powerful glass. However,the third-generation iPhone SE is still relatively new; The new model of Iphone SE comes with a larger display. Along with the new A15 chip, another major upgrade to the iPhone SE is 5G connectivity. The iPhone SE now works with 5G networks, but unlike the advanced iPhone models, it does not

support the fastest mmWave 5G networks. Instead, it is limited to slower but more widespread networks in Sub-6GHz 5G.

The base of the iPhone SE is available with 64GB of storage at a price of $ 429, but 128GB is available for $ 479 and 256GB of storage is available for $ 579.


The iPhone SE is Apple’s affordable iPhone, but for budget-conscious users looking for a device with more to offer, there’s the iPhone 11, starting at $ 499, and the iPhone 12 mini, starting at $ 599. At this extra cost, the iPhone 11 offers a large screen with full screen design, Face ID, better front-facing camera, Ultra Wide rear camera, and night mode, while the iPhone 12 mini adds a modern design, OLED display , and so on.

The Iphone SE 2022 is a  flagship device. Apple introduced the third-generation version, with an updated $429 price point, improved A-series chip, and 5G connectivity.

However, The iPhone SE features a 4.7-inch Retina HD LCD display, with True Tone to match ambient light in the room, wide color, Dolby Vision, and HDR10.

Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting:

Although not a dual camera, the iPhone SE supports Portrait Mode, Portrait Lighting, and depth control using a photo signal processor and a Neural Engine for computer photography. The second-generation iPhone SE was the first iPhone to use software to enable Image Mode.

Portrait Mode allows the background art to take a photo when you take a picture of the height of a person, pet, or object, while Port Height Enlightenment allows six light quality studio effects to be added to photos. Depth Control allows the dimension of the image in the Image Mode to be tuned for the best combination of blur and detail.

Video Capabilities:

The iPhone SE captures 4K video up to 60 frames per second, with 24 and 30 frames also available to choose from alongside 1080 and 720p shooting modes.

Extended flexible distance support is available on video up to 30 frames per second, and image intensity is available.

QuickTake video, a feature introduced for the first time on Apple’s iPhones of 2019, has been introduced, allowing users to capture faster videos by pressing the camera button while in photo mode. Available modes such as slo-mo (1080p at 120 or 240 fps) and overtime are also available on iPhone SE.

Front-Facing Camera:

The 7-megapixel front-facing camera has ert / 2.2 aperture with Portrait mode and Depth Control support despite the lack of a TrueDepth camera system. To enable this feature, Apple uses machine learning and monocular depth measurement.

However, The front-facing camera supports QuickTake, and was the first iPhone-looking camera to offer this feature. 1080p HD video can be recorded at 30 frames per second, while other features include Retina Flash, automatic image stabilization, Explosion mode, auto HDR, and wide color shooting.

Battery Life:

When it comes to battery life, the iPhone SE has better battery performance than the previous model. The battery lasts 15 hours when watching videos, 10 hours when streaming videos, and 50 hours when listening to audio. It can charge quickly and can charge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes if it uses a 20W or more power adapter. Supports Qi wireless charging but no MagSafe compatibility.

Fast Charging:

The iPhone SE supports fast charging, which means it can be charged at 50 percent of battery life in just 30 minutes. Fast charging requires a USB-C power adapter that provides at least 20 watts, including 29/30W adapters from Apple (priced at $ 49).

The USB-C power adapter needed for quick charging should be purchased separately because the iPhone SE is powered by a USB-C cable that goes to lightning only. It was originally shipped with a USB-A to Lightning cable and a 5W power adapter, but Apple removed the power adapter out of the box between its line for natural movement and savings.

Wireless Charging:

The iPhone SE has a glass body with a wireless charging coil built-in to support Qi-based wireless charging. Compatible with any wireless charging device at 5W or 7.5W Qi.

5G Connectivity:

The iPhone SE supports 5G, and is Apple’s less expensive 5G iPhone. Unlike Apple’s more expensive iPhone options, it does not support the fastest mmWave 5G networks. Instead, it is limited to slower but more widespread networks in Sub-6GHz. MmWave 5G networks are very fast 5G networks, but mmWave is short distance and can be obscured by buildings, trees, and other obstacles, so its use is limited to large cities and urban areas as well as places such as concerts, airports, and other places. where many people gather.

However, Sub-6GHz 5G is widely available and available in urban, urban, and rural areas throughout the United States and abroad. For the most part, if you are using a 5G network, you will be using Sub-6GHz 5G, and this time around, the mmWave connection will not be missed due to its limited availability.

Dual-SIM Support:

Dual-SIM support, which allows two phone numbers to be used simultaneously, is installed on the iPhone SE. Dual-SIM functionality is enabled by inserting a single nano-SIM slot and eSIM.

The eSIM feature is available in many countries around the world, and Apple has a full list of carriers that support eSIM on its website.

Bluetooth and WiFi:

The iPhone SE supports Bluetooth 5.0, which offers longer bandwidth, faster speed, greater streaming message capacity, and better compatibility with other wireless technologies compared to Bluetooth 4.2.

It also supports WiFi 6 with 2×2 MIMO, aka 802.11ax WiFi. WiFi 6 is the latest WiFi protocol and allows you to download 38 percent faster than WiFi 5.

Install iOS 15:

IOS 15 enhances the iPhone’s self-awareness with many ways to stay connected, powerful updates that help users focus and explore, and smart features to do more with the iPhone. Now FaceTime calls feel natural with local sound and new Portrait mode, SharePlay brings users’ way to share information with friends and family while on the FaceTime phone, Focus helps users reduce frustration, redesign notifications, and Live Text using -i -intelligence of the device to detect text in an image and allows users to take action. Apple Maps offers great ways to navigate and explore the world with a three-dimensional city driving experience and more realistic navigation guides. Weather is redesigned with full-screen maps and more explicit data display, Wallet adds support for local keys and regional IDs, and privacy controls for Siri, Email, and many other areas across the system and protects user information.

If you are Looking for modern processors and 5G you should buy a SE 2022.

This is a 5G smartphone that does not focus on performance or connectivity.

This is classic design. Even a Touch ID is like welcoming a dear old friend home. Best of all, none of it works or works like yesterday’s technology. Touch ID is still an impressive technology project.

This is not just the Apple-thinnest integrated phone, it actually weighs the same as the iPhone 13 mini but without the edges. We love holding this device.

You want a beautiful screen?

The iPhone SE (2022) has a 4.7-inch display that reminds us of days gone by and not in a positive way. It is very small and hard to absorb sunlight. If you want greatness and courage, this is not for you.

You want to unlock it without being touched?

What Touch ID says, you must enter a digital button to unlock the phone. If you want Face ID and not much, look at iPhone 11. If you want to unlock it without being touched, Iphone SE 2022 is not for you.

You need more lenses?

Photography here is good but limited. No zoom, no ultra-wide, no Portrait Mode snapshots of your dog.The SE is a fantastic midrange phone. It starts from $429. They will give you the best return on your investment since it will almost certainly get software updates for years to come. This year’s model includes 5G connectivity, Apple’s latest and largest processor.

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