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3 Reasons to Wait for new Apple Watch 8 & 3 Reasons Not to


The Apple Watch 8 is already in our minds, even though the Apple Watch 7 was launched a few months ago. Apple is reportedly working on an Apple series 8 now. We’re still many months away from the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8, but we have already heard details about the next generation of Apple devices worn on the wrist.

If you’re thinking of buying a new apple watch, then the Apple watch 7, apple watch 6, Apple Watch SE, are the company’s latest models. According to the rumors, Apple will launch 3 models this year.

  • Apple Watch 8.
  • Apple Watch SE.
  • Rugged Apple Watch.

According to most people’s expectations. It’s gonna be the “most versatile watch”. 

Mark Gurman said.

             “This year will be the biggest in the history of the Apple Watch from the original model.”

In this article, we will learn the three best reasons to wait for the Apple Watch 8, and the three reasons not to.

3 Reasons to Wait:

  1. Expect Better Performance

Apple tends to make annual improvements to Apple Watch performance and we should expect to see significant changes in the Apple Watch 8.

While the current Apple Watch models bring excellent battery life, we can see Apple pushing things forward with a new processor and better performance.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says we should expect “quick chips” though he did not provide details. That being said, it should be clarified long before Apple makes its announcement.

If you are not happy with the power of the current Apple Watch, you may want to go back and wait for new models.

  1. Wait for Rugged Apple Watch

If you want to take your watch in rugged places there is great news for you.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is going to release a “rugged case” apple watch for athletes, mountaineers and others who use the watch in conditions far worse than everyday wear. The device would offer better protection against drops, scratches, dents, and more.

According to the Gurman the new model might arrive in 2021, but reviewed the claim and said it would probably come in 2022.  Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes Apple will launch a rugged model in 2022. If you want a rugged Apple Watch, wait for it. It may arrive in september.

  1. Bigger Apple Watch

We may not see the completely redesigned Apple Watch this year, but there is a chance we will see at least one major change in the system. We are not told much about the Apple Watch 8 design so there is a chance it will look similar to the Apple Watch 7. According to the rumors Apple brings a third display size to the apple watch this year. If true, it would join the current 41 and 45mm size options.

According to Ross Young, you will see a larger display this year. It is not yet clear how big this model can be.

We’ve heard in the past that Apple is working on a new flat-topped watch with smaller bezels, but it’s not clear if this device is the Apple Watch 8 or anything else. 

3 Reasons Not to:

  1. Don’t Wait for Blood Glucose Monitoring

Last year we heard that Apple and Samsung are working to monitor blood sugar levels in future smartwatches. While it may be operational, we probably will not see it launched this year. 

According to Rumors, the Apple Watch will incorporate blood glucose monitoring in the form of a

non-invasive optical sensor. With little change, Apple sent a survey to Apple Watch users asking for feedback on how they used their watch. 

The survey asks a number of questions including questions about apps installed to track dietary habits, medications, and blood glucose levels. Apple has long been interested in rolling out the app with these capabilities, but for now we may be surprised when the feature is ready in 2022. 

According to a report from The Telegraph, future Apple Watches can measure blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood alcohol levels. Unfortunately, technology may not be perfect.

A Bloomberg report states that “blood sugar, which can help diabetics monitor their glucose levels, is less likely to be commercially available for several years.” 

In a recent report, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman highlights three aspects of Apple’s health system: blood sugar, blood pressure, and body temperature. According to Gurman, all of this is a long way off. If the Apple Watch is able to monitor blood sugar levels is something you might be interested in, hope is at hand. Unfortunately, it seems you will have to wait longer than this fall.

  1. Don’t Wait for 5G, Yet

While it would be nice to see the Apple Watch get 5G as the iPhone 13 series and the iPhone 12 series, we are not sure what will happen in 2022.

We’ve seen Apple’s patents expose the Apple Watch 5G millimeter wave antennas, but that doesn’t mean the technology will be ready this year. And while 5G connectivity creates a sense of tone in a smartphone, there is little need for 5G on the Apple Watch right now.

This, combined with the battery requirements of the new connection and the potential challenges of placing a 5G connection on a smartwatch, makes it difficult to see the release coming this year.

  1. Don’t Wait for Apple Watch Deals

You don’t have to wait for the Apple Watch 8 release date to get deals on current and older Apple Watch models. As we enter 2022 we have seen many Apple Watch deals and we must continue to see retailers offering them throughout the year.

If you stay on top of these deals, you can save $ 50 or more almost every month. Keep an eye on sites like Amazon for deals on Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE, and other models.


Everything about series 8 depends upon expectations. According to the  Rumors The Series 8 will probably launch in september. In the above article, we told you about Reasons to Wait for the Apple Watch 8 &  Reasons Not to. If you want to know more about Apple Watch Series visit our Related Articles.

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