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Apple watch 8 expecting to have a Body Temperature Sensor


There are a lot of rumors about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. It is expected to arrive this September. According to Mark Gurman, Apple’s plan to add a body temperature sensor, Apple Watch Series 8 looks very unpopular. 

Rumors said that last year Apple introduced a temperature sensor in series 7 but it did not happen. Bloomberg reported in June that it could be introduced in the 2022 review instead. Also, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also expressed his hope that sensing the body temperature sensor would be a feature of the Apple Watch Series 8.

However, according to the newsletter, apple series 8 provides other body temperature sensors such as blood pressure sensors and blood sugar sensors. Gurman advises us to: “Don’t expect any of this soon.”

“The body temperature has been on the rise this year, but talking about it has come down lately. Blood pressure lasts for at least two to three years, while I would not be surprised if glucose levels did not drop until later in the second half of the decade”

However, this function of body temperature measure can also help track interest and track sleep. In the future, it can also detect when a user has a fever.

Rumors reported that Apple is working on a way to monitor blood sugar levels without having to deal with a sensor that may give people with diabetes a way to control their condition that would be much easier, as it would not require skin piercing.

Earlier this year, Apple was revealed as the largest customer in Britain’s first electronics company, Rockley Photonics, which makes eyeglasses inaccessible to many blood-related metrics, including blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood alcohol levels.

Rockley’s revelation that his biggest client Apple happened while the company was preparing to go public in New York. Given the growth of Rockley Photonics and the scale of Apple’s partnership with the company, it seems inevitable that the company’s health technology will reach Apple Watch at some point, not this year.


The article is based on rumors that the Apple Watch series is expected to be released in September. According to rumors, a series of apple watches have a body temperature sensor. If you want to know more about Watch Series 8 see the Related articles.

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