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When Apple watchOS 9 was announced in September 2022, it will succeed watchOS 8 as Apple’s official operating system for the Apple Watch. In June 2022, at the event WWDC apple previewed the watchOS 9. The watchOS 9 update focuses on health and fitness-related enhancements, and it includes new watch faces, apps, and a revamped design. It offers new four watch faces. WatchOS 9 is compatible with watch series 3, watch 4, watch SE, watch series 6 and watch series 7. Now in this article, we will review the WatchOS 9.

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Apple WatchOS 9: Released date 

Watch OS 9 can now be purchased from retailers. On September 12, 2022, it will have arrived. It’s release is four days ahead of the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch Ultra, which also runs on the same watchOS 9 software, will be released on September 23.

Apple WatchOS 9: Medication apps

In Apple Watch OS 9, the “Medications app” is introduced. It’s compatible with the iPhone app section, which tracks and manages medication. You can use your iPhone as a helpful pill, vitamin, and supplement reminder. Your Apple Watch can help you remember to take your medications by reminding you when it’s time and recording whether or not you actually took them.

When you add a new medication to your routine, the Health app will warn you of any possible drug interactions or other serious problems. A trustworthy friend or family member who assists you can also see your prescription records.

Apple WatchOS 9: Sleep tracking

The Apple Watch’s sleep tracking features have been in development for two years. Now offically in OS 9 Apple introduced the new feature called Sleep app that greatly enhances the Apple Watch’s native Sleep app. The Apple Watch’s Sleep tracking  feature can determine how many hours you spent asleep, awake, and in various stages of sleep. It can analyse data from the accelerometer and heart rate monitor

The Health app includes sleep comparison charts that show how well you’re sleeping based on how regularly your heart rate and breathing occur throughout the night. If you have an Apple Watch Series 8 or Ultra with a skin temperature reader, your wrist temperature will be recorded as part of your sleep data.

Apple WatchOS 9: Workout app updates

The new watch OS 9 introduced more ways to track your performance and improvement in your running thanks to the expansion of new running metrics. Other than the usual workout parameters like segments, splits, and ground contact time, the new live workout interface displays vertical oscillation, stride length, ground contact time, Activity rings, Heart Rate Zones, Power, and Elevation. Users of the Apple Watch can now track their progress in heart rate zones. Monitoring your heart rate during exercise can give you insight into how hard you’re working and whether or not you’re recovering properly.

You can now incorporate your heart rate training zones into your custom workouts with the new Custom workout tool. By sending you wrist-based alerts based on your heart rate and distance covered, a personalised workout can give your run structure. One’s “power goal” for a run is the highest level of exertion one believes they are capable of keeping up for the full duration of their run. The Apple Watch can automatically monitor your progress over time if you run on the same route each time. For athletes, a new type of workout called “Multisport” is being created so that they can easily switch between swimming, cycling, and running.

Apple WatchOS 9: New watch faces

In watchOS 9, there are four new watch faces available. It includes

  • Astronomy face
  • Lunar watch face
  • Playtime watch face
  • Metropolitan

1.   Astronomy face

This new version of the Astronomy watch face includes a more accurate star map and location-specific cloud information. You can customise the default font and set the primary view to either Earth, the Moon, or the Solar System.

2.   Lunar watch face

This watch face has a Lunar watch face , illustrates the relationship between the Western Gregorian calendar and various lunar calendars used around the world. Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew calendars are all examples of lunar calendars used in these cultures.

3.   Playtime watch face

Playtime, an animated and engaging watch face for the Apple Watch, was designed in combination with artist Joi Fulton. As you spin the Digital Crown, ambient music will play, and the characters will react to your taps. Whether you go with confetti or a solid background, you won’t encounter any obstacles.

4.   Metropolitan

The traditional Metropolitan face on the Apple Watch will take on a new appearance as you turn the Digital Crown. The numbers change from their normal font and size to pills when the wrist is lowered. Up to four complications and a wide range of colour customizations are possible on the round dial.

Apple WatchOS 9: Low power mode

Apple Watch Series 8 was announced alongside Apple Watch low power mode, but it is available for all devices running watchOS 9.  In “low power mode,” the Apple Watch disables an amount of power-hungry features to keep its battery alive for longer. To switch to low power mode, simply swipe up on the control center and tap the battery percentage bubble. Use the power save mode.

Apple WatchOS 9: ECG Improvement

The Apple Watch can detect irregular heartbeats like atrial fibrillation (AFib) with its electrocardiogram (ECG) app.

To keep track of a user’s atrial fibrillation occurrences, Apple has released a new feature called AFib History. Using AFib History, you can get an idea of how often your heart experiences irregular heartbeat and how factors like sleep, exercise, and weight affect AFib.

Apple WatchOS 9: Conclusion

In the above article we review the watchOS 9. Apple launched the watchOS 9 in September 2022. If you want to learn more about the latest apple product visit our page.

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