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New Flat-Edge Design in Apple watch 8


Apple is the most popular company in the world. In 2021 rumors were circulating that the Apple Watch Series 7 would be redesigned, but it didn’t happen.

Rumors have it that the watch 8 will also find a new compression design to fit Apple’s current design language with flat edges and sides.

Apple has not changed much with the Apple Watch since its re-launch in 2018, with the release of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR series. Even that redesign was minimal as all that was changed was a demonstration to mimic the new design of the iPhone X.

The new flat sides will be a good thing for Apple to change as the product will be compatible with the upcoming iPhone 14. It is also reported that there will be new speakers in watch that will increase the volume. New health issues can also come; this is yet to be seen.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo has numerous reports that Apple is looking at new health features such as  body temperature sensors. There are other health issues such as the glucose monitoring Apple looks at, but both of these may not be possible.

Apple also expected to give Apple Watch SE a redesign this year that could see the design on a flat edge with larger displays and more color options.

According to Ross Young, the Apple Watch Series 8 version may offer another size option. This new design will make the Apple Watch more stylish, and will likely increase sales from new and returning owners.


The article is based on rumors that the Apple Watch series is expected to be released in September. According to rumors, a series of apple watches have a body temperature sensor. If you want to know more about Watch Series 8 see the Related articles.

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