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Best Gaming Mouse for Diablo 3


Choosing the best gaming mouse for Diablo 3 in 2022 is not an easy job. And if i’m not wrong. You’re probably planning to buy one? Right..? Now listen carefully. We have realized that this decision will have a profound effect on you.

Any advanced Gaming Mouse provides you reliable connectivity, smooth and responsive touch, and basic click-and-scroll functions, but it should also have the following features: such as LED and laser sensors. Laser sensors provide the best tracking. Diablo 3 gaming mice are now becoming more advanced. They have better technology that allows greater comfort when used, better monitoring and more efficient sensors. For this reason, today it is important to have one of the best wireless and rechargeable mice with Compact Performance, as this will allow you to achieve greater comfort and productivity in both work and play.

However, The best gaming mouse for Diablo 3 can change the way you play the game. For FPS players, not rocking your K / D rating, and for strategy game players can make all of that army management much easier. A good gaming mouse will streamline knowledge in all games, and it is not a big investment to improve, but there are huge differences in quality, features, and design you should choose accordingly.

We’ve explored dozens of game mice and made a list of those we feel are worth your time. To do that, we played hours and hours of games with them (someone has to do it), and these are the best mice that come out of that process.

Here are some of our top picks for Diablo 3:

1.    Kingston HyperX PulseFire FPS Core



HyperX Pulse fire Core is a free RGB Gaming mouse with pixel 3327 Optical sensor for up to 6, 200 DPI settings and accurate, smooth tracking without speeding up the acceleration of the hardware. The ergonomically designed mouse has the size that gives good palm grip and claw grip as well. It has sides that are smartly shaped so that it will hold a smooth grip. All in all it’s good grip features makes it the best fps gaming mouse for Diablo 3. Game distance switches that deliver Tactile fast response estimated upto 20 million clicks. Customize brightness, DPI settings, and macros with 7 customizable buttons with HyperX Ngenuity software.

Create macros, customize RGB light and DPI and save them to Pulsefire Core’s onboard memory.

One of the main innovations and acceptable additions that HyperX brought to its integration of the surrounding parts with various pieces of hardware was the launch of its HyperX Ngenuity software.


  • Great sensor and click-feel.
  • Quality price.
  • Good ergonomics.
  • Customization ability.
  • Intuitive software support for customisation.
  • Lightweight.


  • Limited performance settings available.
  • Not ideal for all grip style

2. Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED



The G305 wireless gaming mouse delivers amazing responsiveness and reliability with the fastest reporting speed of 1ms at competitive level performance.

Also, you can play with high performance without worrying about it’s battery life..

It is loaded with advanced features such as LIGHTSPEED wireless for fast and reliable operation, good battery life, and an accurate HERO vision sensor. The G305 is full of fun and performance.

It’s easy to carry with you, and it has a built-in USB wireless receiver installed. Use logi tech G Gaming Software to quickly set up 6 buttons with quick commands for multiple actions, DPI settings and more making it the best premium gaming  mouse for Diablo 3.

The G305 is very light, coming in at only 99 grams, made possible thanks to the lightweight mechanical design and ultra-efficient battery usage. HERO sensor and LIGHTSPEED wireless deliver extreme efficiency to let you play games for months.

It delivers up to 250 hours run-to-die on just one AA battery. It can be adjusted to last up to 9 months of typical use in Endurance mode, which can be selected via Logitech G HUB. Logitech G HUB, as well as the indicator light on G305, will notify you when 15% of battery remains.


  • Lightweight.
  • Good battery life.
  • High speed sensor.


  • 250 hours of battery isn’t much for daily home use
  • Main switches only rated for 10 million clicks
  • No Bluetooth option

3. Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse



The real G Pro mouse, now called the ‘G Pro Gaming Mouse’, had a distinctive shape for example, but the G Pro Wireless hit hard on all sides. Making it the best wireless gaming mouse for Diablo 3.

The leading wireless rainbow mouse is a six-wheel drive designed for professional athletes. By using this mouse, you can guarantee that you will win your games as it gives you full control. Evey’s click on the top of this mouse gives you a responsive and accurate feel and gives you high performance.

All the buttons next to the mouse come with customization, but the only drawback of this mouse is that its longevity is bad. In terms of design and durability, this mouse is a good choice for you as it is made of solid materials. You use this mouse for extended game times, so remembering all your needs, you get this mouse with an Ergonomic, ambidextrous design.

It’s a very fast gaming mouse, and you get a 1 millisecond report level connection. All in all, this mouse gives you excellent performance compared to a normal mouse. Also, this mouse is specially designed for six siege gamers as inside you get to see advanced technology.According to some users, its ultra-lightweight design offers excellent performance and accuracy, but you may face double click problems.


  • It Gives You Great Comfort and Control.
  • Provide 50 million clicks.
  • Ultra-Thin and Lightweight Mouse Design.
  • Best Advanced Wireless Communication Technology.
  • Advanced Custom Button.


  • The Middle Button is Large and Requires More Pressure.
  • Longevity is Bad.

4. Logitech G502 HERO RGB



The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is the best performance gaming mouse for Diablo 3 for such players who do not want to compromise on any of the terms – or for such type of users who want a good, solid mouse. It is comfortable and full of features, and although it has no cord, it is a fast and accurate player that can feel uncomfortable against rope rats.

At $ 150, the best is not cheap (though you can sometimes get it for about $ 100). But if you give up the idea of making an investment in a wireless mouse, there is no other model we have explored in this purchase guide that has easily justified its value. Also, the G502 Lightspeed has excellent Logitech gaming features and the most used mice are all wrapped up in one. The key buttons on a mouse give a satisfying answer when you press them, and unlike other popular models, they get clicked very easily no matter how you’re holding the hand in the mouse.

By default, the scroll wheel goes smoothly on one web page per step, which is how you expect the scroll wheel to work. Tapping the button removes the grip of the wheel, allowing it to move freely under the long page. A small, but featured mouse feature is the flexibility it plays in certain situations, such as the ability to quickly scroll through your playlist.

Another great feature of this logitech mouse is the addition of 16 grams of weight that you can add to the mouse to provide more resistance and consistency in it. It’s the most noiseless mouse you can ever get. The weight of the mouse gets low as much as you like, and that can vary from game to game.


  • Good design.
  • Wireless charging power.
  • It has an option Optional weight adjustment.
  • Its weight is less than the original one.


  • The Powerplay gets in the way of weight adjustment.
  • It’s expensive.

5. Logitech G903 HERO Lightspeed RGB



The G903 comes equipped with a PMW3366 sensor with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration throughout the DPI range (200-12,000DPI), delivering outclass tracking accuracy and consistent response at any speed. For best accuracy and speed, use location tuning in Logitech G HUB to amplify your sensor. Also, this new model is wireless. And the best of all. Known as the best wireless gaming mouse for Diablo 3 in the market.

Special clock tuning technology significantly reduces sensory power output, so you can play continuously 32 hours with a single charge. Battery Assistant at Logitech G HUB keeps you informed about your charging level and gives you a balance of your remaining battery life. Every part of the G903 has been upgraded to lose weight while retaining energy, from the formation of a small wall to the construction of a hyper scroll wheel. The result is a fully charged wireless mouse weighing only 110g. Increase comfort in extended use times and feel a quick response to movement.


  • High speed.
  • Fast sensors.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Expensive.
  • fingertip grip is not good.

6. SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless



Designed with Durable With high quality polymer and 60-click switch just like our most expensive mice, every component is built from bottom to top with durable materials intended for durability. Also it is made up of Ergonomic and Lightweight materials with ergonomic design to help reduce weight on your hand and shoulder, providing unparalleled comfort for hours of solid game play.

Also, on-board memory allows you to maintain a voting rate, key bonds, and 5 CPIs directly on mice, making it easier to have the best settings from game to game and on the go.

Talking about the Recommended Photography Styles so The R right hand shape is designed for maximum comfort for the player. Whether you use a claw or fingertip grip it will give you complete comfort in long and sturdy game session.The last but the best quality of this mouse is that it’s so cheap. It’s a Highly affordable product with advanced SteelSeries technology and high performance. Which makes it the Best budget gaming mouse for Diablo 3.


  • Nice fingertip grip
  • Awesome scroll wheel.
  • Good claw Grip
  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Good quality


  • Not for large hands.


When buying the best gaming mouse for you, your priority should be the one that is comfortable in your hand. However, There are several sizes, shapes, and weights you may want to consider but that is entirely your choice.

You may have bought a mouse that looks very cool. With a working list of buttons and other things too, but if it is not comfortable enough in your hands, you will not be able to adjust with it. There are plenty of two-handed mice and lefties mice on the list, too. Which may match your style.

However, in the past few years, most gaming mice have adapted very high DPI sensors. So they are working effectively now. Today, even the budget mouse works faster and more efficiently. Almost all of these sensors can handle very high DPI. Even up to 20,000 DPI. However, instead of these things you should get a mouse with good shape or weight depending on your pc set.

1.      DPI

First, you should check the DPI of the mouse you are buying. DPI means Dots per inch. It tells you the sensitivity of the mouse. For example; how fast the mouse cursor moves.

If you move the mouse slowly and the DPI is high in the mouse the mouse will move faster and give you a faster result. And if the DPI is low then it’s sensitivity is also low and the speed becomes slow.

2.      Extra Buttons

Additional buttons on the mouse can be useful if they are assigned and used properly, however, you will not need a mouse with 24 buttons. If you find yourself with a mouse with extra buttons, you can give them heat keys for easy access. The decent number of additional buttons is almost 3-6.

3.       IPS Measures                                                                                                     

IPs are called inches per second. However, the maximum effective tracking speed of any given sensor is also measured in this case. It should not be confused with the type of game monitoring panel with the same name. You should know that the higher the IPS of a mouse, the better it is to keep pace with high-speed movements. Also, it can maintain accuracy.

4.      Weight

Minecraft is based on tracking and flexible movement, therefore the weight of the mouse matters a lot.  Fortunately, most manufacturers of PC peripherals create products with adjustable weight and it makes sense to buy such a model.

5.      Acceleration

It is probably the most commonly reported problem with the play mouse sensors. Because, If the mouse sensor indicates acceleration, the cursor will move faster. It’s up to you when you remove the mouse quickly. This is often considered bad because moving the mouse slightly by six inches on the mouse pad will move the cursor differently than moving the mouse faster at the same distance. This introduces variables that may be difficult to predict.

6.      Price

Many serious gamers choose to get high end gaming mice that cost well over $100. However, you won’t need to worry about that when shopping for a Minecraft mouse. It is very easy to find a good gaming mouse for Minecraft under $50. Even for other games, you don’t need to spend a whole lot. That said, some online games or those that need a lot of intense movement and functionality may require higher end gaming mice.

7.      Size

In order to understand what size is right for us, we must first determine what type of application we will provide our machine and the space in which it will be used. If we are going to always use a gaming mouse at home, it is best to have an ergonomic and large size. Such a design can also be modified to be permanent on the working bench.

8.      Scope

When we compare mice at this time, wireless power is an important part. This is because when we are in a situation that requires a long distance between the Gaming Mouse and the computer, the device must allow continuous operation, where we can move freely in the area, without fear of losing the connection.

The fact that it does not interfere with the freedom and functioning of our jobs allows us to have a very successful career. In this sense, some mice are so far away that they can be applied to all frequencies, such as radios. This creates the opportunity to perform tasks via a Bluetooth connection.

How to use a Gaming Mouse?

One of the first steps in learning how to use a computer properly is to learn to play gaming Mouse; It is a compatible tool that allows us to move the cursor to the interface and click on various programs and features.

In the following guide we will show the basic steps that every user should follow when using a Gaming Mouse.

  • Establish a connection

Today mice use a standard USB port to connect to a computer; If your device is wired, the USB port must be on one side of the body of the gaming mouse; If, on the other hand, you are using a wireless device, in the product box you will find a small USB connector.

To set up a connection to any of these two types, you should look at a rectangular hole in your computer large enough to place a connector, which is where portable memory and other electronic devices are often connected, Remember never to force. USB connector as you may damage your computer.

  • Hand position

Now keep the Play Mouse in a clean place, preferably a special pad to use these types of products as they allow you to move without interruption. You only need to hold it with your dominant hand, without using too much force; keep your fingers relaxed at all times and, to avoid hand pain, the Game Mouse should be kept in a very horizontal or lower position at the same height as your elbows.

  • Basic functions

Gaming Mouse can now perform a series of basic tasks that you need to practice. For example, the left button will be the main button for users using the right hand, while for the left users it will be the right button;

If you need to open an application, folder or link, you have to click the left button, on the other hand, if you need to display the options menu, right click is often used. The use of “double click” is often used to open items or folders.


Cheap new and updated Diablo 3 Cheap Play Mouse can be what your staff team lacks. The simplest one can increase the comfort of the table while the more advanced ones can allow you to increase your productivity especially if you work with several computers at the same time.

We hope you liked our review. We still recommend reading the tips above to improve your purchase.

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