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Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor From i3 to i5?


Everyone uses a laptop in their daily work. Laptop makes our job easier. The processor is an integral part of the laptop. Many laptop users have doubts about the processor. Can I change or upgrade the processor from i3 to i5 on my laptop? These questions arise in the minds of computer users. In this article, you will find answers to all your questions.

Mostly, people ask these questions because older processors are slower than new ones. By 2021 we will have an 11th generation processor. When you compare an old processor to the new one, you will find a huge difference. The new processor works faster than the old one. We discussed in detail: Can I change the processor of my Laptop. This is available for you to read.

Core i5 is faster and more powerful than Core i3. Therefore, upgrading i3 to i5 is a great way to improve performance. Furthermore, you can also upgrade your i5 to i7

Can I Change My Laptop Processor Dual Core to i5?

Upgrading or modifying your portable computer processor is very easy. It is easier than you think. Even a non-technical background user can change his or her portable computer processor. Follow these steps to upgrade your processor from i3 to i5.

Check CPU Compatibility With Motherboard

If you want to upgrade the laptop processor i3 to i5. First, you need to check the similarity of your CPU with the Motherboard.

There are only a few processors that support your motherboard. During this process, we will work with only three parts of the machine. First, find the right CPU for your motherboard, Intel provides useful tools for this. Other applications can also be used if you wish, such as “CPU-Z”.

“CPU-Z” can tell you which type of processing will make things easier for you. You can also search the web and they will show you the list. You will find a better processor from this list. Another thing you want to check before upgrading the motherboard socket type.

The type of socket depends on the architecture. You can also install a stronger socket than the one you already have. You can also upgrade the RAM and GPU of your portable computer. This can complete the functionality of the new processor that you will install. A powerful processor needs good RAM.

How Do I Change My Laptop Processor From i3 to i5?

After checking the compatibility it is time to change the processor. Here you will find your answer on How to change my laptop processor from i3 to i5?

Unplug your laptop and follow the steps given below:

  1. Fasten the anti-static belt between the ground point and you. At ground points, the radiator will work well.
  2. Unplug the heatsink/cooler from the CPU and unplug any cables along the way.
  3. Remove the screws and remove the cooler carefully. Using a lint-free cloth, apply a few drops of a solution to remove the thermal paste.
  4. Wipe off the worst combination in the CPU and make sure your motherboard does not get wet or dirty.
  5. Repeat the cooling/heatsink process.
  6. Install a cleaner on the CPU and a heat sink with a clean cloth.
  7. Remove the holding CPU lever, lift the flap and remove the old processor. Be sure to lift it at the corners.
  8. Now, pick up the new processor you intend to install. When installing, remember the gold arrow in the lower right corner that way. Also, enter a new processor the way you removed the old one.
  9. Push the new processor into place carefully and gently.
  10. Replace the flap and keep the lever slightly in place.
  11. Now use a hot new paste.
  12. Make sure you use a paste that closes the whole processor but does not go out of bounds.
  13. Replace, reconnect and tighten the cool CPU to save it.
  14. Now connect all the cables back to the location.

You can see the changes after upgrading the processor. A portable computer performs tasks quickly. The game performance on your laptop will increase. The battery life of your laptop computer will also improve.

What is the Difference Between i3 and i5 Processor?

Core i3Core i5
They don’t have a turbo boostThey have turbo boost
It has Dual CoreIt has Quad-Core
They can’t handle large memoryThey can handle large memory
It is a slow processorIt is faster than Core i3
Intel i5 Vs. i3

Upgrade Laptop Processor i3 to i7

Intel Core i7 CPUs are much faster than Core i3 CPU entry-level. Quad-cores are usually better than double-cores and Hexa-cores better than quad-cores, and so on, but they are not always dependent on the CPU generation.


There are different performances provided by processors like i3 or i5. Core i5 is more powerful than Core i3. If you change the processor your laptop performs tasks quickly. Core i3 is a slow processor. The more cores you have the more tasks your laptop can handle. Can we change the laptop’s processor from core i3 to core i5? Yes, you can. Follow the step given above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Worth Upgrading From Core i3 to Core i5?

If you change the processors you will get faster CPU performance from core i5 to core i3. The Core i5 works better than the Core i3 so it’s worth it.

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