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Dell XPS 13 Plus Ultra Portable


The latest introduction of Dell XPS 13 Plus Ultra Portable is a lively example of their dynamic dominance. Dell, A reputed name in laptops. The frequent release of new models with a pack of innovation has retained its name way above its competitors.Dell XPS 13 Plus design is touching the level of brilliance. Dell XPS 13 plus consisted of a 4-side infinity edge display with a borderless appearance.

The design is sleek & glistening. Within 2.7 pounds weight enables it to accommodate a muscular CPU inside. Dell XPS 13 plus performs a leap ahead in terms of power and stunning minimalist design. Furthermore, the touchpad is planted beneath the keyboard which wins your trust for its true existence.  The performance of Dell XPS 13 Plus has been established on the 12th generation of intel core 28W processors. It replaces the 15W processor of the previous XPS 13 model. A larger fan allows high airflow. These additions have strengthened it for overtaking its competitors like MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro 14-inches. 

Interior & Exterior Design of Dell XPS 13 Plus Ultra Portable

The Dell XPS 13 Plus design is modern. It is alluring, sleek & glistening. Body design in conjunction with aluminum & glass material makes the overall appearance eye-catching. The body weight is only 2.7 pounds which is very handy, slim & delicate. The body dimensions can be measured on scales such as 11.6 x 7.8 x 0.6.     

Dell XPS 13 Plus are available in two colors. Both colors are the majority of customers’ favorites. 1. Graphite 2. Platinum. These two color choices are adaptable as clean & tone-on-tone designs for the curtailed interruption.   

The plantation of touchpads is an absolutely innovative idea. It is totally seamless and from start to end it is not easy to notice. Touchpads are implanted at the palm rest area and integrated for optic response to touch. The set-up works during the brief hands-on time, but it may take time for new owners to get used to it.

The significant adjustment for most new owners is on the complete row of the new captivity function which will keep you switching between function keys to media keys. However, the good news is that the key positions will remain unchanged as what you are doing will remain intact.

Display of Dell XPS 13 Plus Ultra Portable

Dell XPS 13 Plus continues with the 13.4 inches display screen and has a 4-sided infinity edge. Designers have cut down some internal layers which improve clarity and bring down the weight of the Dell XPS 13 Plus. Dell XPS Premium OLED display is brighter, lively, and dynamic. Furthermore many options are available for selection from a wide range offer. The range of selection will begin from an FHD+ (1920 x 1200) panel having 500 nits of brightness. The touch screen version will keep the screen unchanged. 

In case of selecting the higher resolution, you can go for a 3.5K OLED touch display. Here you’ll get wider viewing angles, better colors & perfect blacks but the brightness is 400nits. In case to get 500 nits of brightness the selection is for the 4K LCD touch display option.

Keyboard functions and touchpad functions

Dell XPS 13 Plus keyboards are ideal for touch typists. All keycaps are designed in larger sizes. The keyboard layout is supported by an underneath deeper dish of 0.33mm. During working, the larger keyword size makes typing easier. The space in between doesn’t disturb me and I would continue my work with ease. However, the up-down arrows in shorter sizes are acceptable. XPS 13 Plus typing on the keyboard gives a satisfactory experience. 

The touchpad experience is entirely different. In the above section, we talked about its implantation in the palm rest area. In the absence of a touchpad not indicating lines, it operates on Piezo technology. This mechanism runs on two small actual motors to provide an optic response. It was said that clicking is less satisfactory, but in my experience, I don’t encounter any difficulty while clicking or scrolling.  

Overall Performance

The Dell XPS 13 Plus made a significant leap to be introduced with a 12-generation Intel Core processor with 28W of power.  The previous Dell XPS 13 is equipped with a 15W processor. This difference will boost your working speed, especially in extreme workload conditions.

During my brief hands-on time with the XPS 13 Plus, it felt pretty snappy when opening apps and switching between multiple apps, but it’s hard to say at this point how fast it is. My experience with Dell XPS 13 was dissatisfactory when using apps and shifting from one app to another and then another.

Dell gives you four processor options with the XPS 13 Plus, starting with a 12th gen Core i5-1240P (4.4 GHz). There’s also a 12th generation Core i7-1260P (up to 4.7 GHz) and a Core i7-1270P (up to 4.8 GHz). The top-end Core i7-1280P ups the number of cores from 12 to 14 and the cache from 18MB to 24MB.

The inbuilt memory in Dell base models is up to 8GB with the provision to upgrade to 16GB or 32GB. The storage options are 256GB PCIe SSD, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB. Dell XPS 13 plus models come with intel Iris graphics.

Connectivity Ports of Dell XPS 13 Plus Ultra Portable

Dell XPS 13 Plus, design is slimmer. This concept has affected a few things in which port availability has been substantially reduced. USB Type-C 4-ports for Displayport and power delivery. Dell includes a USB-C and USB-A adapter. In comparison with regular XPS 13, you will not get a headphone jack in XPS 13 Plus or a microSD card slot. This is a real misfortune with port limitations.

Battery performance & charging

The Dell XPS 13 Plus has a more powerful CPU. The larger battery didn’t assure its long working hours. However, the test is in progress to gauge its performance of battery life. Furthermore, the charging technology Charge 2.0 is appreciatable. Dell XPS 13 Plus claims the time is one 1-hour to charge the battery up to 80%. The test result will testify to their claims once the testing time is completed. 


The feature of the 12 generation intel core processor to insert in 13 Plus super lightweight design is undoubtedly a remarkable attempt. Secondly, the InfinityEdge display is indeed an exciting feature. All works soundless and the calmness is impressive. The captivity touch row is a space saver but not much enthusiastic about its premium feel.

In the absence of lesser ports in XPS 13 Plus, like the very common headphone jack or microSD card slot. Thanks to sleek design, where few muscular features were accommodated and few dropped. Besides these, we’ll wait for the XPS 13 Plus to be successful.

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