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How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually


Instead of working on copies and desktops, people are now preferring laptops ????. There can be numerous reasons, the first one could be that they are portable and easy to manage. As technology is advancing, we can manually charge our laptops if we do not have a charger available at the moment.

Similarly, sometimes laptop batteries cause a problem when office workers have to work for long hours. I know that it is the most frustrating situation but do you know that you can fix the battery problem on your own? Yes, there are many people out there having queries in their mind how can I charge my laptop battery manually?

Therefore, in this article, I have listed the most comprehensive and accessible steps that will guide you to fix the battery problem effortlessly. Once you grab the idea of these simplest ways dead batteries will no longer be an issue.

So, let’s see the route-causing factors and how you can fix this issue.

5 Ways to Manually Charge Your Laptop Battery

Many people ask how to charge a laptop battery without a charger? But do you know that this process can be a bit daunting? If you have decided to manually charge your battery there is something that you need to keep in mind.

First look for your laptop type; it means whether it has an in-built battery or has an external battery. If it’s in-built then it’s hectic to charge it manually. For this purpose, you have to consult professionals to solve this issue.

However, if you have an external battery then here are a few ways to charge the battery. Let’s explore them in detail❤️.

1. Charge Laptop Battery with Power Supply

Charge Laptop Battery with Power Supply

First of all, purchasing the power supply or power banks for the laptops is very tricky. It’s because sometimes there are special ports that are available for charging. People often ignore the fact that they have the latest or old version model and end up buying the wrong charging ports power supply.

Therefore, consider the laptop model and then hunt for the right power supply. Once you buy them:

  1. Connect the power supply outlet with the laptop port.
  2. After a few seconds, your laptop will start charging.

As I discussed above, looking at the model and features of your device is compulsory. Still, if you want to know what kind of power bank is sufficient, then I would suggest you consider a 100Wh power supply. As it is TSA standards of the power supply.

2. How to Charge Laptop Battery with USB?

Charge Laptop Battery With USb

USB ports are available in every laptop that can be used to transfer data or function as input and output power. Moreover, these USB ports can also be utilized for charging small phones and tablets. However, they are not the best choice for charging laptops.

Thus, the USB C-ports are preferred in this condition as they hold the capacity to charge the laptops. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to charge your laptop via USB C-port:

  1. A USB C-cord connects your laptop to the outlet by plugging one end into the laptop and the other into the outlet.
  2. Within a few seconds, your laptop will start charging.

Laptops with USB C-ports are equipped with this option. This option is now available in new model laptops, MacBook and Asus Chrome book Flip C302.

3. How to Charge Laptop with Solar Charging Kits?

Charge Laptop with Solar Charging Kits

Solar charging kits are now in trend, and one of their greatest features is that they don’t even require an electrical outlet to be used. Therefore, if you want to charge the laptop battery with the solar charging kits then this is the best option.

This source uses solar energy and converts that into electrical energy. Moreover, they are portable and you can fold them in many shapes. Let me tell you that when you start charging your laptops you have to charge the kits first. Once they are fully charged they have the ability to charge almost 2 to 3 laptops in a limited time.


  1. Connect your laptops with the solar kit and let it charge your device without worrying about battery damage.

4. How to Charge Laptop with another Laptop?

When people decide to opt for this method the first question that comes to their head is, is it the safest way to charge my laptop? Well, yes, it is but only in one condition. If the laptop you are using to charge has the same model as yours then it is safe to use this method.

Having the same model laptops is quite uncommon these days. Therefore, it might be hectic for you to get the right one. Still, if you have found the right gadget, simply:

  1. Connect one end of the cord with your laptop and another end with the laptop being used for charging.
  2. If the laptop you are using has a full battery then you will get your device charged a few times.

5. How to Connect Laptop Charger Directly To Battery?

Connect Laptop Charger Directly To Battery

The AC adapters are used if you seek a way to connect the laptops directly with the battery. It’s another method that is considered safe for charging batteries in a short period of time. While using the battery you need to bear in mind that they have ports that are compatible with the device and are not faulty. Otherwise, they can affect the function of your laptops.

When you will have the right battery:

  1. Attach the battery cords with the laptop’s ports simply.
  2. After a few hours, you will have a fully charged battery right in front of you if you have an excellent and dependable battery.

Reasons for Battery Malfunction

Laptops are designed with battery cycles. These cycles depend on the chemicals present inside the battery. It means that when the chemical is present your battery will function at its best. Once it ends you might face battery issues again and again. In many cases, people decide to replace the devices.

However, if you can’t afford to replace the battery and want to save your battery see some of the factors that affect the battery life. When you will grab the idea about these issues you will be able to use your laptop keenly.

  • Operating the laptops at high temperature
  • Using devices for longer durations
  • Charging battery continuously while using.

How to Charge a Dell Laptop Battery Externally?

If you have a Dell laptop then one of the finest and reliable ways to charge the battery externally is by using the power banks. You can charge your battery using this portable battery wherever and whenever you want. Another best thing about them is that you don’t need to have a cord to connect your laptops with the power bank.

  • Simply, connect the power bank with the laptop and you will be able to have a fully charged battery in a limited duration.

How to Check Laptop Battery Health Status?

If you have used several ways to charge your battery life and are wondering how you can check your battery status, then I have listed two options. These simplest methods will guide you on how you can check your battery status in just a few clicks.

Option 1

  • Press the “start menu” and locate the “power shell” option.
  • Once you find that, write the “powercfg /batteryreport” command and “enter.”
  • After some time you will have your battery life report right in on your screen.

Option 2

  • On your laptop hit the window key and X button.
  • A menu will open, then select the prompt command and type “powercfg /batteryreport.”
  • You will see your battery status on a report.

Best DIY External Laptop Battery Charger

Many laptops users also consider DIY external battery chargers to charge their battery as they are the safest and the dependable tools. Therefore, if you want to buy an ideal item then here are a quick few of the most demanding tools in the market.

  • MAXOAK Portable Charger External Battery with 50,000 mAh (Visit Amazon for details) capacity, 2.8 pounds weight, and 8.1. 5.3, 1.3 inches of dimensions is used for Laptop and Notebook.
  • NEXGADGET 42000mAh External Laptop Charger (Visit Amazon for details) has DC, AC & USB Output. Moreover it has 42,000 mAh of capacity, and 4.45 pounds weight with 7.9,181, 5.7 inches body.
  • EASYLONGER Laptop Power Bank (Visit Amazon for details) has a capacity of 26800 mAh, 7.13, 2.99, 0.83 in inches body, and ideal weight of  1.21 lb. This device is best for MacBook
  • Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 Advanced Laptop Power Bank (Amazon has details) has 20,000 mAh capacity, 6.6, 4.4, 0.6 inches robust body and 1.1 pounds weight only.
  • ChargeTech Universal Portable Charger Comes with 27,000 mAh capacity (Find out more on Amazon), 7.5, 5.2. 1 inches, dimensions and overall 2.5 pounds weight. It is used for MacBooks and laptops.
  • DBPOWER External Laptop Battery Charger (Find out more on Amazon) with AC Outlet Travel holds the capacity of 26,400 mAh along with 12.1, 7.6, 2.5 inches dimensions. The weight of the charger is 2.1 pounds only.
  • Lizone Extra Pro 26000mAh Portable External Laptop Battery Charger (Details are available on Amazon) has 26000 mAh capacity with ideal size of 5.6 inches, 4.8 inches, and 0.8 inches. The weight of this finest tool is 1.25 pounds only.

4 Ways to Increase Battery Life

Knowing how you can improve the battery life is very significant as learning how to charge the batteries manually. It’s because sometimes people use the wrong methods too while charging the laptops. Therefore, I have shared some tips through which you can save your laptop batteries from further damage.

1. Consider Optimum Charging

Instead of completely draining your battery, using your battery at 40-60% is the best choice. When you use your device at this rate it will surely improve your battery.

2. Never Overcharge

People forget to remove the charger sometimes or consider charging again and again. Are you aware of the damage that you are having on your device? Let me tell you that overcharging can heat up the laptop. Therefore, always clean the fan, opt for a place where there is good air passage, use thermal plates, and purchase vacuum pads to cool your device.

3. Minimize Sunlight Exposure

Most laptops are designed to bear UV rays but sometimes when you use your laptops in open areas like cafes for a longer time it heats up the gadget. Ultimately after some time, you will notice your laptop’s battery life getting worse.

Therefore, avoid extensive sun exposure and consider cool and shady places to operate the device.

4. Use AC Adapters

People mix up the wires by attaching the laptop charges with mediocre adapters. Hence, sometimes they face charging issues. Therefore, it is advised you never mix the wires unless you know the source you are using is of premium quality and dependable. In this situation, AC adapters are a good option to consider.

Final thoughts

If you are bothering how to charge laptop battery manually then let me tell you that a laptop is a portable yet most used tool in the present era. Therefore, while using those gadgets you need to be cautious about different factors so that you can have excellent battery timing to focus on your work. Still, if you have no other source where you can charge your battery manually, the above are the most accessible ways that will guide you in this aspect.

So, not just focus on the ways of charging batteries also learn how and what you have to do to prevent your battery from damage. Following this will aid you in using your devices for an extensive period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal rate of battery charging while usage?

While using your laptops keeping the battery rate between 40-60% is the best option. This way you will never have to worry about overheating.

Should I unplug the charger immediately after charging?

Yes, you should unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged. But some laptops are fitted with lithium batteries that stop charging once they are fully charged. So, if they are plugged in after being charged then there will be no effect on your device.

Is it safe to use a laptop while charging?

Yes, it’s safe as the laptop is powered through an AC adapter, not the battery.

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