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How to connect the Nintendo Switch to the monitor?


Being a proud owner of the Nintendo Switch and want to continue playing games on a larger screen. The good news is that you can connect the Nintendo switch to a PC monitor.  No more long waiting for the TV to be free, also can avoid playing in a tiring manner by holding it in your hands.

Few instances like your TV is out of order, or you are traveling but would like to spend some time playing games before going to sleep, then connect your Nintendo Switch to the monitor. How to know this is workable?? The answer is YES.

How to Connect Switch to Monitor?

We will discuss all possible ways to connect the Nintendo switch to your computer. Nintendo switch connection to any monitor or computer, please dock it and follow the steps to set up the process. Now let us tll you the simple way to connect switch to monitor.

1.    Unplug your Cable from the Nintendo Switch to the monitor.

2.    Use HDMI cable with Elgato HDMI capture card.

3.    Open the Capture card app on the monitor.

4.    Click HOME on one of the controllers, after turning to ON the Nintendo switch.

5.    First connect the Elgato devise to the monitor, Nintendo switch will appear on your monitor screen.

Similar steps of connecting capture card devise to monitor because they all work on the common principle.  

Advantages of Connection?

My first experience was amazing to play games on the PC monitor. After completing the setup of connecting the Nintendo switch to a large screen PC monitor and pairing headphones. An extension cable for headphones allows me to sit back at an ample distance and enjoy.            Joyful audio and excellent picture quality have intensified the game’s pleasure. Indeed it has a better display than a TV.

  •  It is because the modern PC Monitors have been equipped with high-resolution picture quality.
  • Home TV gets free for other users and you’ll continue your loved game for unlimited time.
  • Nintendo switch provides multiple play modes, like Handheld, Tablet, or PC monitor. The best usage of handheld & Tablets is during traveling or functional from a different location, but PC monitor gives best gaming pleasure while relaxing. An additional extension of the audio cable to headphones is the only prerequisite.


The whole procedure from head to tail about connecting the Nintendo switch with the PC monitor is been well described. Based on complete information, about linking your Nintendo switch to a PC monitor, using the controller’s activation on the device, surely the pleasure will be at best. Please refer to the user’s manual carefully. Follow the given instructions before commissioning and keep yourself well-aware of technological developments & advancements.

Wishing you all GOOD LUCK.

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