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Innoview Tablet Review


The fresh entry of innoView 15.8” portable monitor has increased healthy competition among China-based affordable products. The InnoView Tablet review shows many features to offer to common users. Consumer’s main interest in this portable monitor or tablet category was found in soft weight. 

Taking along usual monitors or tablets regularly has many risk factors involved. Carrying itself is an unpleasant exercise which is more considered as botheration. Furthermore, other risks are functional disorders of features, which might disturb working while moving from place to place with devices.

Innoview Tablet Review has a simple solution that we observe in our daily routine. The conversion of workload on mobile devices is growing day by day. We found smartphones and tablets are replacing the need successfully. 

InnoView tablet review confirms that it has introduced three models for your convenience. These models vary in configuration, with screen sizes of 14”, 15.6”, and 15.8 inches.  

Its attractive price is the crowd puller and its stellar performance made this model an ideal for users without simply ignoring The only shortcoming in this model is the non-availability of a touch screen.

Product Details

●      Design

The InnoView tablet review for 15.8 inches is an ideal monitor for external use. You can take the portable monitor while traveling to a project site or on an excursion trip. About the body design, the bottom bezel is 1.25 inches. Its case is 0.212 inches. The width is 14.37 inches and weighs only 1.5 pounds. These lightweight monitors weigh 1.5 pounds and are packed in a leather protective case. Its slim IPS panel gives a much more attractive appearance. A fun pack monitor for unbeatable exterior usage.

●    Technology

The more practical name for this portable monitor or tablet is according to its usage. The external monitor. This external monitor of 15.8 inches is developed by InnoView on an advanced IPS screen. It has a Resolution of 1920 x 1080 delivering the picture quality at best.

Innoview tablet technology

Further, it provides 178 degrees of viewing angle with a 16:9 aspect ratio. HRD technology for real picture restoration with stronger contrast. This is for your viewing pleasure and experience, in portrait or extended views.    

●    Connectivity

The ports for connectivity are available for the exclusive use of dual type-C ports. A plug & play USB port that enables the monitor to connect with a single USB C-30 cable. HDMI port for connecting the external monitor with your device. Power port, all comes as a package. The device doesn’t need drivers.

InnoView external monitor is compatible to connect with multiple devices. These devices can be laptops, PC, Mac, tablets, Smartphones, XBOX, PS3/PS4/PS5, Switches, and many more by USB Type-C port or mini HDMI port. Built-in stereo system for your audio pleasure.

Procedure to Use

InnoView portable monitor can adjust the screen as per your convenience. Angling the screen to your comfortability makes the usage much more pleasing. Further, you don’t need to configure or use a driver. Simply, connect the InnoView portable monitor with your laptop, or another computer, just select the display settings and connect the monitor to respond as per your command.  

The standard procedure to pair the secondary monitor has options for making settings. It is possible to select either a mirror or show a similar display on both screens simultaneously at the same time.

InnoView has introduced a wheel settings procedure. The wheel is planted on the left lower corner. By pushing the wheel a pop-up window will open. Roll the wheel for increasing/decreasing picture brightness, color combination, and audio volume. 


The InnoView monitor works with all kinds of computers and mobile devices. The cables are the main source of their performance like Microsoft Windows and Apple computers. Whereas, few Apple devices work only by specific cables and adaptors.

Let’s change the compatibility from Apple devices or Microsoft windows to a little different product, Linux. During the test, we observed that the InnoView portable monitor is fully functional with Linux devices. Although, the product information hasn’t been listed in the products for compatibility. But test results have forced me to insert Linux into the list.

For example, we paired the portable monitor to a laptop, the external monitor was identified and the display appears on the screen when the settings were reconfigured. The only difference was the laptop screen was turned blank.

innoview tablet connectivity

The distorted display is seen on the monitors when connected. The Chrome OS device comes as an actual display. Whereas mouse movement becomes lethargic and the window is displaying the image partially.  

Mouse pointer movement was also tested on the Chromebook. The Chrome operating system along with the Chrome web browser works together on the Chrome book. It doesn’t have a provision for pairing dual monitor display functions. We tried to drag the window screen from one to another, but I wasn’t able to navigate the mouse pointer away from the Chromebook‘s internal display. 

Assuring these results by testing other portable monitors. we’ve attached other portable monitors to my Chromebook, the facts appear unchanged. InnoView portable monitor manufacturer had never claimed that the portable monitor is authorized to work on Chromebook or Linux operating system. However, our intensive testing on both can assure the Linux operating system is certified. 


The fixing of additional portable monitors is good. However, this could be a useful solution to add additional portable monitors as per your actual requirement. The paired portable monitor will provide extra space for the small screen laptop. You should not consider this auxiliary device as a primary monitor.  

InnoView is the best choice for you if your work doesn’t require a touch screen option. Without a touch screen, your selection is perfect. However, in case you require the touch screen monitor at the workplace. InnoView will offer you other kinds of portable monitors from innoView wide range.

Innoview tablet conclusion

Users of Chromebook have to be extra careful if they need an additional portable monitor. Chrome operating system has begun to certify monitors and other peripherals to work. Your selection of alternative portable monitors to incorporate with your computing system. You should select a product that matches the Chrome-certified brands and models.

Let’s examine the shortcomings of the InnoView portable monitors. I will mention two of them which were observed.

 Firstly, the music lovers will be deceived by the in-built dual hi-fi speakers delivering tinny sound without a base. Audio output while listening to a speech is somehow acceptable. Playback music is below the pleasing standards.

Secondly, the insubstantial stand. It doubles as a vigilant carrying case for the portable monitor. This model has a slotted vinyl-covered plastic that folds into a triangle shape with the monitor resting against the backing. The other InnoView models have a different design. Single-piece metal bars fluctuate back from the edges to form a rigid tripod with the monitor. 


Does it work with iPhone 12?

Our portable display can be compatible with iPhone 6-12 pro max. You only need to buy a Lightning to HDMI Adapter, then connect the Lightning to HDMI Adapter and our display with an HDMI cable and plug in the power at the same time. Thank you.

Does it work with XBOX?

No video loading.

Do you have instructions with pictures on how to fold the case that comes with a monitor to turn it into a stand?

These video directions are garbage because I’m about to pack this thing up and give them one star… because I’m angered… there is no talking on it, the case is not behaving right and I don’t see any directions for it… if they’re going to sell me this heavy device they could have made sure that the case at least worked.

So can this be used just as a security camera monitor? I have a 16-channel security camera system and the VCR has HDMI outputs along with other types.

Any HDMI source will be displayed

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