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What are the Pros and Cons of a 17-inch Laptop?

what are the pros and cons of a 17-inch laptop
what are the pros and cons of a 17-inch laptop

A large laptop screen allows for several functionalities. Generally, a 17-inch laptop screen is considerably bulkier, heavier, and bigger than a 15-inch screen. So, the larger the screen size, the more is the size and weight of the laptop.

However, large screen size does not burden the GPU, CPU, or memory of your laptop. The other advantage is that these laptops do not turn hot, even when you push them as they have a very efficient cooling system, which does not make noise even during intensive computations. A large 4K or high-quality display can take up more of the battery life of the laptop.

The laptops with a large UHD or 4K screen and long battery life are generally more costly too. So, it ultimately comes down to your own priorities for a laptop. Amongst other factors such as CPU, GPU, memory, battery life, and portability, display characteristics of laptop matter a lot for its use for different purposes.

The alternative to a large-sized screen is an external portable monitor. However, you can get a portable 17-inch laptop with a 4K screen for a higher cost. 

Pros of a 17-inch Laptop

1. More Desktop Space

A large screen means more space to move your applications, programs, and tasks. It makes multitasking convenient for you as you can switch between different applications seamlessly. Presently, one of the best-selling laptops, ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo comes with two screens which are its standout feature. One of those screens is 4K, so the user gets the best experience by opening different windows on those screens. Moreover, this laptop comes with built-in applications and programs to enable the user to move tasks between the two screens and organize the opened programs. 

2. Better Readability – Low Strain on Eyes

A 17-inch laptop screen provides much better readability than a 13-inch laptop. So, it could make it easier for the user to read codes, content, and visualizations.

3.Large-Sized Screen Supports Many Tasks

A 17-inch laptop is useful for several applications and functions, such as graphic designing, video editing, programming, and content development. It enables the users to perform these tasks optimally. Moreover, it enhances the gaming experience. A 17-inch laptop is great for photo editing, video editing, and gaming. For photo and video editing, it would be better if the laptop has a 4K monitor too. 

4. Robustness and Efficiency

A large-sized screen has more space to fit the components inside. So, it offers efficient and more robust performance. For instance, the 17-inches Nvidia’s Max-Q Gusties is robust and versatile, and thus offers a perfect solution for graphical visualization, gaming, 3D design, video editing, and other computationally intensive tasks.

5. Wider Viewing Angle

The best advantage of a laptop with a large screen is that they offer a wide viewing angle. Large-sized screens are more prominent, so you can watch and perceive everything comfortably even when you are far from the screen. 

6. Refresh Rate of Screen

It is even better if the 17-inch screen laptop has a high refresh rate too. For instance, a 300 Hz screen can immensely enhance the user experience. In particular, for gaming, a high refresh rate makes a lot of difference. 

7. Large Power Adapter

A 17-inch laptop has a large-sized power adaptor, which is also not a USB-C adapter. Moreover, you would have a barrel connector. This means you cannot connect a smaller charger. For instance, if you have lost your charger, it could get difficult to find large power adapters.

8. Easy Navigation

A large-sized screen makes navigation easy by improving visibility and readability.

Cons of a 17-inch Laptop

1. Portability

Laptops with large screens are bulkier than laptops with a 15 inch or smaller screen. So, a large screen size might require you to compromise on the portability of the device. The screen could weigh more than 6 pounds too. In contrast, the 15 to 16-inch laptops weigh about 5 pounds only. 

2. Battery Life

If the large-sized screen has UHD or 4K high resolution, it would consume more power, which could exhaust the battery early. But you can get a laptop with a large-sized screen and 4K resolution which has a long battery life too, however, the cost of such laptops is also higher. 

3. Ease of Working

A large-sized screen mostly makes a laptop bulky so it might not be your priority if you are a digital nomad, a remote worker, or a student as it could get very difficult to carry it around. It might also not fit into your seating space in an airplane and cause discomfort to the adjacent passenger. It would also not fit into the regular bags of students and they will have to carry it in another large-sized bag. 

4. Portable External Monitor

You can get a laptop with a smaller screen and add a monitor to it. So, you can easily attach a portable USB screen to your laptop wherever you go.

5. Takes Up a Lot of Space

17-inch laptops generally take a lot of space. This could especially get inconvenient if you are traveling on a bus or airplane. 


So, the choice of screen size for your laptop ultimately depends on how you would use it. If you have to travel a lot, move back and forth to work, or have to walk on foot on the road, you may want to prefer a portable laptop.

Nevertheless, a 17-inch laptop is a great choice if you have to use it at your home or workplace. In addition to the size of the screen, you also have to check whether the laptop’s other specifications are upgraded too.

For instance, some laptops may have a large screen size, but with no increase in CPU power. Many users prefer a 15-inch laptop over a 17-inch laptop when they have to make a choice as a larger screen size considerably increases the cost of the laptop and may affect its portability too. They can prefer to get a 15-inch laptop with better portability and cost.

However, you can still get a 17-inch screen laptop, if it is your preference, Our guides about the best 17-inch laptops under $800 will help you find a budget-friendly 17-inch laptop.

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