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Samsung Galaxy S22 Best Smartphone


Check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 at your own risk. Because this beast is one of the best entry-level smartphones in 2022. It is right that the Galaxy S22 does not have the premium features as the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the larger screen of the Galaxy S22 Plus, but it doesn’t matter what’s missing.. What matters is what it contains and how it’s better than others.

The best point to observe about this galaxy model is to consider whether it’s worth the price or not. If you go for this model you will find the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset that enables Samsung S22 light options. However, one can also expect the same imposing camera settings as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus or the same brighter display. It comes with a price package of $800 – $200.

Galaxy S22 may not be the perfect smartphone for you, especially in those cases where one wants all the best features at one place in one phone. But, Samsung Galaxy S22 is the one of the best and high-end featured smartphones to go as one of the

Best Samsung Phones in 2022 in this budget. However, If you’re thinking about updating your smartphone in the price range lower than other higher flagship devices. Also, the S22 upgraded the features when compared to last year’s galaxy S21 model.  

In short, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is the phone you can get if you want premium features under $ 1,000.

Now here are the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy S22


  • Improved zoom and low-light photos
  • Most affordable Galaxy S22 model
  • Bright, colorful display
  • Solid performance


  • Below-average battery life
  • Cameras still trail Pixel 6, iPhone 13

Let’s have a look at Samsung Galaxy S22 Design

After the experiment with the polycarbonate back of the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22 plays an improved role, supporting an upgraded material, with an aluminum band around the center and a glass back made of Gorilla Glass Victus Plus. Which should actually strengthen that, or dropping glass of any kind of solid surface may lead to harmful results. What we usually recommend is to get a strong mobile case to protect your phone if it falls.

However, The material of the device may vary from the last year Galaxy S flagship, but the overall design is almost the same, the same contour look cut for the rear camera array, in which the three vertically stacked lenses on the back of the smartphone are placed in a bump that mixes up into the device. One unique thing is that the galaxy’s S21’s camera array color was different in front of the rest of the phone’s back and guess what? The Samsung GalaxyS22 matches those colors.

As for those colors, we get the same color choices as those available in GalaxyS22 Plus— Phantom white, pink gold, green and Phantom black. So, If you will order directly from Samsung. The company will give you options in cream, violet options, sky blue and graphite.

Display of Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung is looking forward to improving the display light across the board in the Galaxy S22 range. And whereas the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra have a better finish of contrasts with brightness of 1, 750 nits, and also 1,300-nit light.Howver,  If we talk about SDR, we have used a light meter to measure the brightness at 672 nits, or HDR turned on, reading up to 1,152 nits.

Samsung galaxy S22 Utra:

 In short, you will not have to struggle to see the screen of the Galaxy S22 in the sunlight, although you may need to turn on the light to get all the details. When you do such a thing, the vision booster in the smartphone adjusts the color and its brightness. Also, Taking care of such a thing that the actual colors don’t get washed away while making the screen more visible. The feature allows you to double-check the photos.

Camera setup and resolution

Do you know that the new Samsung Galaxy S22 model incorporates the same basic camera setup which was used in the Galaxy S21, but with significant hardware upgrades. The main camera now has a 50MP rating instead of the 12MP wide shot used in last year’s phone.Also, know that the sensor is 23% larger. Which allows more light, as we know that the samsung galaxy s22 did not improve its camera support in low light.  

The galaxy model focuses on what the company calls “Nitrography”. This actually extends to the night mode, which basically manages detailed shots. However, it is being said that galaxy s22 struggles with color. All in all we were very much impressed to see how the Galaxy S22 camera performed in low-light and even no light. But above all. The pictures were better than other smartphone pictures. And the colors remain the same with samsung well-documented issues with over-exposed.

As we have said earlier, the cameras of Samsung Galaxy S22, have upgraded very much if it comes to portrait pictures or low-light shots. Now the problem is that the current competitors of the samsung company in camera phone front like apple and google are going towards the same runway as samsung is.  As good as the camera of the galaxy S22 is, it’s still not done dealing with the colors. As it’s an important battle if itr wants to win over its competitors.

The phone can record 8K video recording at 24 frames per second and 4K video at 60 FPS. Digital Video Enhancement promises strong recording with minimal movement, and the Automated Frameboard capability can detect and track up to 10 people, automatically switching focus.

One interesting thing to note about the Galaxy S22 image is that it differs slightly between countries due to the different chipsets used by Samsung. You can read more about that in our report about the latest Galaxy S22 Ultra camera testing.

The battery life of Samsung Galaxy S22

Screen size is not the only thing that can be reduced from Galaxy S21 to Galaxy S22. There is also a small battery in this year’s model – a 3,700 mAh power pack instead of a 4,000 mAh one. Perhaps Samsung was hoping that a chipset that would work well for another year of the flexible display would improve battery life on the Galaxy S22. If so, it was a mistake.

The Galaxy S22 managed 7 hours and 51 minutes of battery life – a little over two hours worse than a standard smartphone.

For everyday use, the Galaxy S22 will ship you all day. A few intensive testing hours included games, video streaming and other activities that tested the phone’s refresh rate. Okay, though Apple phones last longer. (The iPhone 13 holds 10.5 hours in our battery test.)

The Galaxy S22 has missed out on the great improvements enjoyed by the S22 Plus. That big phone supports 45W wireless charging, while the Galaxy S22 does with 25W. As a result, the illuminated Galaxy S22 can charge 60% after half an hour. While the S22 Plus is already 70%, even with a large battery that needs to be charged. That’s still faster than the iPhone, which can reach 51% charge after 30 minutes.

Here’s about the performance of Galaxy S22

Galaxy S22 is powered by the snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It has the same chipset as the S21 model. Saamsung uses its own Exynos 2200 chipset. It is made up from silicon. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has excellent performance. Galaxy S22 produces single and multicore scores. It is better than the tensor powered pixel 6

After the S22 oneplus 10 pro released, Samsung’s phone in Geekbench 5’s multicore test with a score of 3,482. Whereas OnePlus tends to pack its phones with RAM.

Samsung S22 supports  the 4k video into 1080 pixels. It took last year’s Galaxy S21 more than 1 minute to finish the task, but the Galaxy S22 improves that time to 47 seconds. That’s still longer than the iPhone 13’s 26-second time, but faster than the 49-second result the Pixel 6 turned in.

Some special features and software of Samsung Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 debuts with Samsung’s One UI 4.1 interface for Android 12. If you like previous iterations of Samsung’s One UI, this edition will suit you just fine. Particularly as Samsung has added customization and privacy features. You can see which apps are requesting permissions, and managing those permissions is a bit more streamlined. With the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung and Google are bringing a live sharing feature to Google Duo. This lets you view photos and take notes with the people on a video call, kind of like what Apple added via iOS 15’s Share Play feature.

The real story here is Samsung’s increased software support starting with the Galaxy S22. The phone maker now promises four years of Android software updates in addition to five years of security support. That brings the Galaxy S22 closer to Apple’s level of lengthy support than any other Android phone maker. Even better, Samsung is extending those four years of Android updates to last year’s flagship. This perhaps ironically, will make Galaxy S21 owners even less willing to upgrade to this year’s model).

The availability and price of Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 was released at the end of july. With knowing the price also know that you’ll find a major wireless carrier like a few MVNOs for example Xfinity mobile, Google Fi and visible. You can buy the smartphone from retailers like amazon or best buy sell the phone. Also, you can purchase it directly from samsung.com, it is available in four exclusive colors on the website. 

The Galaxy S22 starts at $799 for a base model with 128GB of storage. You can extend the space upto 256GB if you add $50 extra.  However, once you have the phone in your hand don’t forget to check out the hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Because that will make it way more easier to use.

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