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Apple Mac Pro 2022 processor and release details Exposed


According to new leaks, the M1 Ultra is just the beginning of Apple’s UltraFusion Architecture. The next Mac Pro may not last until the autumn, but it may offer some great jumps over the Apple M1 Ultra to Mac Studio with the M1 Extreme.

More information about Mac Pro and possible SoCs has appeared online. Undoubtedly, Apple will release the next Mac Pro later this year, which could be WWDC 2022 in June.

However, the Mac Pro will come with two or four M1 Ultra SoCs. According to Majin Bu, Apple named the former ‘Redfern’; does not say the possibility of a quad-M1 Ultra. Additionally, Majin Bu claims that Redfern uses the ‘DAISY XL’ code-built bridge, built on ‘DAISY1’ and ‘DAISY2’, which Apple markets as its UltraFusion architecture.

Separately, Mark Gurman reiterated that Apple was upgrading the dual M1 Ultra, building ‘Extreme’ while Gurman discussed the upcoming M2 series. It is reported that the unspecified SoC will reach up to 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores, although there may be an option with a lower capacity of 96 GPU cores. Most likely, the combination of the two M1 Ultra SoCs would allow Apple to supply the Mac Pro with 256 GB of integrated memory (RAM). In comparison, the M1 Ultra limits Mac Studio to 128 GB of integrated memory.

Also, Majin Bu added that Apple will release the Mac Pro with Redfern in September, not this summer. If so, the device could come close to Apple’s next iPhones, which are believed to be in the process of launching their regular launch in September.

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