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Mac Mini 2022 Rumors


Analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo said that the new Mac mini will come in this year or 2023. Mac mini is the desktop version of the Macbook Air, so we can expect them to go simultaneously. And the Air is scheduled for 2023.

Apple announces a new silicon chip, such as the M2 chip, significantly different from the current line. The company sometimes uses the Mac Mini to plant new chips for developers, which means less opportunity for news at WWDC this June.

Kuo also refers to the new model as “very powerful.” Given the size of the Mini, it will probably contain a slightly improved version of the current M1 base To keep temperatures and noise low, but that, like the M1 Pro, Max, and Ultra, can be upgraded in the next generation of top programs. Kuo also says he does not expect a redesign, although some have voiced rumors some time back. Apple added a connection to the front end of the design change that I care about, though a USB-C / Thunderbolt (like MacBook Pro) or color like the iMac 24 might be excellent.

Many people want to know the price of the Macbook mini. So there is no confirmed information about the price. Many rumors say the price will be the same as the current model.

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