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6 Best Features in Google Pixel 6a


We are here to discuss google pixel 6a 6 best features. The Pixel 6a is the mid-range in Google’s smartphone Pixel line-up. Now there are six top features that make it worth your savings, other than phones like  iPhone SE (2022), and  Samsung Galaxy A52.

Google’s pixel 6a aims to be the 5a 5G introduced in 2021.This device is budget-friendly. However, you may get good specifications at this price.  Here are the simplest options offered by the pixel 6a. It is considered the next budget friendly smartphone. Google pixel 6a 6 best features are mentioned below.

1. New Design

As we all know that the new Pixel 6a is the first budget device from Google. Which supports the new design language from the company, introduced with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. It sports the unique two- tone look with a camera bar running from side to side on the rear, casing the dual-camera system and an LED flash.

The selfie camera now lives at the top center of the display, unlike the left-aligned design in its precursor. The phone comes in new colors to further distinguish it from the rest of the Pixel 6 series, including sage, charcoal, and chalk.

2. Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor

To make the pixel 6a’s style entirely similar to the pixel six and 6 pro, Google swapped out the rear-placed fingerprint device that was common on the previous A-series phones for optical under-display one. whereas which will not sound sort of a huge deal, it’s sensible to say that this can be an identical optical fingerprint sensor found on the high-end $899 pixel 6 pro.

3. Reliable Dual Camera Setup

Google’s Pixel series is well- known for its impactful photographic capabilities. With the 6a, Google retains the same winning dual-camera setup found on the Pixel 5a 5G. But do not get impressed by the quantity of cameras. These two are all you’ll need.

Google’s camera philosophy has been to offer smaller responsible cameras than further pointless camera lenses, as seen in numerous pocket-friendly phones.On top of the dependable binary-camera setup, the device has all the Pixel-exclusive camera tricks up its sleeve. It includes Magic Eraser, a handy point that allows you to remove unwanted objects and things from your pics with a tap.

Still, on the 6a, Magic Eraser can also change the color of distracting objects to make them mix in with the girding. Another exciting feature of the camera is Real Tone, that ensures your image colors square measure as correct as potential.

4. 18W Fast Charging Support

While fast charging has become a standard with its advantages, having it is always inclusive. The Pixel 6a supports 18W fast charging using USB Power Delivery 3.0 via USB Type-C 3.1 port. Although it is much slower than the competition, it will ensure that the installed 4410mAh battery can charge very quickly without keeping you low for long periods of time.

5. Google’s Tensor Chip

The Google Tensor chip is on the phone, the same chip that enabled Google’s 2021 flagship 6 Pro. 5 nm chip with high security due to Titan M2 chip safety and high AI intelligence. The company says its machine learning models run almost 5x faster at 6a relative to 5a 5G. But if you are a person who is very concerned about raw performance.

6. Small Pocket-Friendly Size

In 2022 we see that new Phones are grooming by every passing day. But, this is not true about the Pixel 6a. The device has a 6.1-inch 1080p OLED HDR display with small bezels. That has one important advantage – you get extra pixels per inch. And, as you might expect, it fits in all pockets.

If you feel like the 6.34-inch Pixel 5a is more than your needs, then you can go for pixel 6a. What a coincidence, that the display size of this model is the same as the display size of Apple’s iphone 13. It also weighs 0.14 pounds over the base of the iPhone 13.

Release Date of the Pixel 6a

At first, we thought the Pixel 6a would come out of obscurity in August, which is seen as the majority of a series of devices in the “a” line of Pixel coming out this time. However, we were hoping it would come out in May this year and we got it. This was the first series of I / O “a” release we have had since Pixel 3a back in 2019. That being said, Pixel 6a has seen the announcement date for May 11, 2022, and will be available to the public in July. 28, 2022.

What is the price of the Pixel 6a?

That price of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro changed the game when it comes to price. Most expected the price to be somewhere from $ 800 to $ 900 on both devices. Instead, we were hit with a shocking price of $ 599 and $ 899. With Tensor, good cameras, and solid hardware, it seems too good to be true. However, That being said, the Pixel 6a will come for $ 449, with the exception of a few exceptions. If you want to compare the google pixel series please click here.

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