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Apple testing USB-C for iPhones


Apple has initiated its preliminary testing of USB-C for iPhone 2023, introducing a USB-C connector to replace the lighting port. A reporter of Bloomberg reported on Friday that Apple is working on an adaptor as an accessory to use in future USB-C iPhones, which is specially designed for the lightning connector.

Present days, Apple testing USB-C for iPhones that has become standard in the electronic industries around the world. It covers data transfer & allowing people to charge multiple devices with one USB-C.

The power has been upgraded to 240watts, which makes it easier for people to use USB-C by connecting gaming laptops, 4K monitors & docking stations parallel.

An influence from European Union regulatory authorities was also imposed to provide USB-C charging ports in future models of phones and other devices. 

Ming-Chi Kuo, a known reporter in his tweet on May 11th, 2022, informed based on his survey that Apple will replace the lightning port with a USB-C port in their new phone 2H23. This change will enhance charging speed, and transfer of hardware substantially. Ming-Chi Kuo, the report was supported by Bloomberg that iPhone with USB-C will come in 2023. However, Apple’s official response is awaited. Further, in his Sunday tweet, Mr Ming-Chi Kuo indicated that products, such as Air Pods,and many more products were planned to switch to USB-C. The timeline for this switch-over wasn’t specified.

In 2015, Apple was positioned first to embrace USB-C by dropping USB-A when the laptop was released. Contrary, Apple continues to hold in iPhones the aging lightning port. Reports said that Apple is been testing actively a prototype with a new port existing, as planning to the transition of USB-C port in the iPhones.

History of Android phones about their shifting on USB-C from micro-USB in 2015 which was done after long waiting for this change. The micro-USB doesn’t have reversible properties and had limited charging capabilities, whereas USB-C improves all those options vastly. Just in the last couple of years, all front-runner Android phones have been migrated. Whereas Apple moved to change to lightning from its 30-pin ancient connector which is in use since 2012.

For many years rumors are in circulating that Apple will make the change when their iPads began adopting USB-C. Later after many years, Apple lingers with lightning-based phones. Last week’s suggestion by analysts declares that finally the USB-C products will be finalized. The source of the component supplier indicates that 2023 iPhones would have new ports.  

 The recent reports released say EU users will prefer to use new phones with USB-C. EU users’ willingness has propelled the change. The adaptation of standardized technology by various developed countries is not new, rather it speaks for the time. USB-C is today’s need for wired connectivity. It supports a range of standards for high power and high speed.

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