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Apple to raise App Store prices from October


By October 5, 2022, our heart’s favourite company Apple is likely to raise its App store prices. According to the rumors, it’s apple is doing so because of the depletion in Euros and local currencies against the U.S Dollar as the dollar is at its peak right now and above Euro.

A detailed note sent to the developers by Apple has confirmed that Apple will likely increase app store and in-app purchasing (excluding auto-renewable subscriptions) prices. So they can keep up the pricing of the subscriptions for current subscribers. If they’re willing to. However, pricing will be increased in the following countries;

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Vietnam

Talking about Vietnam, according to apple, the prices in Vietnam have been increased due to local tax regulations in the country as it takes 5% value-added tax and corporate income tax on Apple products. However, Apple may add a few more countries to this list, which may be disclosed in some days. For the last 20 years, European countries haven’t faced such issues of the Euro Correspondence with U.S Dollars. The same reason is behind the excessive prices of Apple products in Europe.

Talking about the apps and in-apps purchasing prices in Eurozone, the €0.99 will now sell at €1.19. So, an item that was previously sold for €9.99 after the increase in prices will sling at €11.99. However, if someone wants to know more about the pricing update, they can check the Apple Developer website

The increase in the app and in-app purchase updates was revealed on September 7 when the Cupertino-based tech giant uncovered some premium products at the ‘Far Out’ With that, the Chief executive officer of Apple, Tim Cook, disclosed iPhone 14 series, which is now selling hot in the market. Currently, the phone is available in the market in four variants: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

The new iPhone has the same old look as the iPhone 13 pro max. However, the camera is very much improved. Talking more about this beast, it also has a satellite connectivity feature, a new interface called Dynamic Island, and many more things. In the event, the Chief Executive officer of Apple, Tim Cook, also unleashed Apple Watch 8 and the Airpods Pro 2. Want to know more about these specific Apple products, then you may visit  Whatingadets.com

As far as we know about Apple, it modifies the App Store prices annually, which is the same around the world. But, some developers may adjust the increased price of their app accordingly.

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