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Dell XPS 13 Plus developer edition certified for ubuntu


Dell XPS 13 Plus developer edition is the first edition of the ubuntu version. It was announced in April 2022. Dell XPS 13 is the first laptop with the Ubuntu 22.04 version of Linux.  

LTS designation means it will be supported for at least 10 years. This premium package includes maintenance, security updates, specific software and drivers.

New Dell Xps 13 has a completely new design. It includes a Macbook-like capacitive touch strip and Core i7-1280p. The latest edition of Dell’s laptop is the official continuation of Sputnik. However, The lead was started in 2021 and they aimed to deliver all Dell PC’s with Ubuntu preinstalled. They can begin pre-bookings from 3 august.

Key points

  • New Dell XPS 13 is certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • The company improved stability and performance over its predecessor in the new version of Dell XPS 13
  • They work with Active Directory
  • An automatic update will roll out to devices that have already shipped.


The feature of the 12 generation intel core processor to insert in 13 Plus super lightweight design is undoubtedly a remarkable attempt. Secondly, the InfinityEdge display is indeed an exciting feature. When you work on a laptop you don’t hear any typing so you can work in a calm environment. That is impressive for users. The captivity touch row is a space saver but not much enthusiastic about its premium feel.

In the absence of lesser ports in XPS 13 Plus, like the very common headphone jack or microSD card slot. It has a sleek design where few features were accommodated and few dropped.

Battery performance & charging

The Dell XPS 13 Plus has a more powerful CPU. The larger battery didn’t assure its long working hours. However, the test is in progress to gauge its performance of battery life. Furthermore, the charging technology Charge 2.0 is appreciable. Dell XPS 13 Plus claims the time is one 1-hour to charge the battery up to 80%. The test result will testify to their claims once the testing time is completed. 

Final Thoughts

Dell Xps 13 has included GNOME 42. Moreover, the OS also works with Active Directory, which is essential for enterprises. They receive 10 years of software updates. It is the official continuation of Sputnik, explained by Canonical. Jaewook Woo said that;

“XPS is an innovation portal for Dell – from its application of cutting-edge technology to experimentation of new user interfaces and experiential design.”

After bringing enhanced performance, Dell XPS 13 is the most advanced and premium laptop in the industry.  Dell and Canonical deliver the best computing experience using UBUNTU.

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