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Does the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G have a microSD card slot?


The Samsung Galaxy A53 has some specifications which include a lot of fine features including a big battery, powerful SoC, large display screen, and many more things. Now the question arrives: 

Does the Samsung galaxy have a MicroSD card slot?

Well, yes it does!!… The new A53G smartphone has an SD Card slot with flexible storage space.

Samsung Galaxy A53: MicroSD Card Slot

Many smartphones that are available now in the market do not have the specific things which are actually very important and beneficial for us. What we are talking about here is the features such as an IR blaster, some good storage expansion, and an amazing 3.5mm headphone jack. And this is very true if we talk about the flagship devices in 2022. Know that the Samsung Galaxy A53G is way divergent when it comes to storage. As we have mentioned before that the A53G comes with a MicroSD Card Slot with which you can have more additional storage in your device.  

If we throw a quick look upon the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. It includes expandable storage of 1TB. Which is the upper limit, it means we can also add 32,64,128, 256, or even 512 MicroSD Cards.

Some Closing Thoughts

The Samsung model is available in two storage configurations -128 GB and 256GB. We think 128GB is also abundant for many users who have only a few applications and get their media updates online or in the cloud. However, if you capture a lot of videos or pictures in your daily routine, or download movies or different stuff like that you will surely need to buy another micro sd card to save and keep your data safe.  

Many smartphones, as we have stated earlier in our article, don’t give you the option of adding a MicroSD Card and want you to pay if you want any additional storage. However, we are very much impressed by this act of Samsung to add a MicroSD card, in this budget.   

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