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Google Finally makes Lens work better on tablets


Google is constantly updating its Android apps on smartphones by introducing new features or upgrading existing ones. But they didn’t say the same for the tablets. Recently google showed little interest in form factor, making any tablet the best Android phone ever. With Android 12L, Google is very interested, i became very interested in the form factor, and before the launch of the Pixel tablet

in 2023, the company showed no signs of slowing down. We have now released an update that makes Google Lens much easier on larger screens.

Lens Features:

According to the Google reports, the Google app (which contains Assistant, Podcasts, and Lens) has been updated to version 13.19 on the beta channel, which allows Google Lens to run geographically on tablets.

The quality-of-life updates is a breath of fresh air on the big screens. Users can now take better advantage of that widescreen.

The Lens landscape version uses all the horizontal space to display content. So that viewing results from filters such as Search or Homework do not overlap, gradually.

Google added padding on the sides to make it look more realistic. Google apps are designed for tablets in past as well.

For example, Discover, Podcasts, and Gmail use two-column formats. So the results aren’t too broad.

The landscape Lens is limited to tablets as per the reports. You can’t wait too long to try the feature. However, as version 13.19 of the Google app should arrive at a stable station next week.

However, Lens is just the first of more than 20 apps that Google has promised to receive in-tablet. Others include Maps, Photos, and the Google Play Store.

As Google continues to improve its many large screen apps simultaneously. We hope this will put a lot of pressure on developers to follow you.

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