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Google Pixel Smartwatch with gesture feature

Google Pixel Watch Innovative Feature

We’ve been waiting for Google Pixel Watch for a long time, and while there is no new news of it coming anytime soon, we have an idea of ​​what its title could be if it comes up again and again, like Google. you have the patent for a system to control the touch of smart watches.

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Filed with the U.S. Patent Office and spotted by Patent Apple,

“A patent, published in mid-May, describes a system that uses a sensor in the body of a smartwatch to detect fingerprints on the finger, wrist or arm of the wearer.”

Touching will need to be done using the hand or arm on which the smart watch is worn. It includes things like punching to launch a feature (like Google Assistant or call software) and then opening the fist to hide the feature.

When wearing your smartwatch the sensor that empowers the system is designed to be small and powerful, even if for example you have it on top of your arm. First, we see a lot of patents and most of them never go beyond that category, so there is no guarantee that this touch feature will ever make a smart watch.

watches for Wear OS. But it would make sense as a feature of the Pixel Watch, considering that one of the great features of Google Pixel 4 is Motion Sense – the touch system itself, or slightly different, that sees you making a touch on the air above your phone.

If this new patented feature launches via Pixel Watch then we’ll see you soon in October when Google Pixel 5 is expected to stay. But we could not rely on it.

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