Home News Leaked Google pixel Watch face designs to replace your Fitbit

Leaked Google pixel Watch face designs to replace your Fitbit

Google Pixel Watch in 2022

We have our first impression that Google plans to integrate Fitbit technology into the upcoming Pixel Watch. The face sensor and health sensor are found in the official Wear OS 3 template.

The new visual surface incorporates a few simple designs that simply display time in a variety of formats. Other faces include the current calculation of the wearer’s footprint, heart rate, and local weather conditions, but most interestingly have the Fitbit icon highlighted below, as well as the number of stairs going up, and the daily calorie burn.

The top of this clock face shows the number of possible minutes of the wearer wearing Active Zone – points earned by doing physical activity that raises your heart rate. This number corresponds to the runner’s icon. On most Fitbit devices this represents how many times you have met your career goal in the last week, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Face facts

This information is incredible, but it may take a few months before we can be sure of the details. Yet we don’t have a confirmed date for the release of Google Pixel Watch. We expect it to arrive sometime in 2022, which coincides with the launch of Wear OS 3. We keep our ears low for news, leaks and rumors. We’ll keep you up to date with you as soon as we know.

Analysis: The End of Fitbit OS?

Earlier this year Google completed its acquisition of Fitbit.  In may 2021 at a Google IO event, the two companies revealed exciting details on how they plan to work together in the future.

Google began by explaining that it plans to introduce Fitbit life tracking features to the Wear OS. This is exactly what we are seeing in these recently discovered watches.

Google’s announcement states that its partnership with Fitbit will lead to an “integrated platform” and “new consumer

experience” – and it is likely that this could end the end of Fitbit’s operating system as we know it. The Fitbit OS is used by the entire current list of companies that monitor fitness and smart watches. It has been developed to provide higher battery life. It is part of the reason why it can operate for at least five days during a charge.

Any “integrated” platform will need to save in the same way as its requirements. The integrated of Google OS might have even an answer like android Go. It may be a light-weight version of the android software system with less system requirements. We can only guess at the moment, but by 2024, the tracking firms as we know it could be reversed.

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