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Apple Mac mini 2023 is one of those devices. Which are most likely to get launched in the current year with new designs, processors with new features as well in this year. However, Apple is now developing a new device to replace the Intel-based Mac mini that is still for sale by the company today.

Moreover, if we talk about rumors, Apple is likely to replace the Apple mini M1 chip with an M2 chip. The new apple mini has a sleek design, and it is perfect for those who need a small PC rather than a large PC. In the following guide you will find almost everything about mac mini, which is about to get launched soon.


PortsThunderbolt port   Two USB-A port   Ethernet Port   HDMI Port
ColorsNot confirmed


According to the rumors, Apple will change the design of the new MacBook mini in 2023. Leaker Jon Prosser has given details of what he believes the new Mac mini will look like. He claims the next Mac mini will be smaller than the existing Mac mini and will feature a plexiglass-like top that rests on an aluminum fence.

According to Mark Gurman, we will be seeing both versions of the M1 Pro and M2 chip for Mac mini this year. He thinks the M1 Pro version will be released first as it uses an older chipset but will soon be followed by the M2 version alongside other Mac’s using the same new silicon.

While it has been rumored that Apple will update the look of the Mac mini in the next generation, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo does not think the company will. Kuo has stated that the current model’s form can be sustained.


Talking about the expected colors of this model, it is likely to be launched with two-tone color and may appear in colors other than gray or silver space. However, Color options are not yet confirmed so Apple may stick to the standard shade of the Mac mini.

Specs and Performance


Four Thunderbolt connections are available.

  • Multiple USB-A connectors
  • An ethernet connector
  • HDMI input,

Plus a magnetic charging cable specific to the 24-inch iMac.


Even though the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips were released with the 2021 MacBook Pro models. Rumor remains that Apple will instead sell two variants of the M2 Mac mini, one with a normal M2 chip and the other with a higher-performing M2 Pro chip. This is the updated version with the M2 Pro processor.

The M2 chip is predicted to have a 9 or 10-core GPU, up from the M1’s 7 or 8 cores. In addition to an 8-core CPU with enhanced speed and efficiency. We don’t know everything about the M2 Pro just yet, but it could include a 12-core processor. We should expect GPU upgrades, given the current M1 Pro processor has a 16-core GPU and a 10-core CPU.

Release Date

Everyone is known that a new Mac mini will be released in 2023, but when exactly is unconfirmed? It may be launched before the end of 2022 or in 2023 start.  Following the March event where the Mac Studio was introduced. We may expect the next release to occur in May or June of 2023. It’s worth noting that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Apple won’t release an upgraded model until 2023. Despite massive rumors suggesting a 2022 debut.


Apple users are excited about the new MacBook mini 2023. In this article, all specs and features are based on rumors. According to the rumors, the new Macbook mini will be released in June or July. It is not confirmed yet.

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