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Samsung Galaxy S23 will have slightly thicker bezels than the S22


As we know that in the Past week ice universe have bringed out the Galaxy S23 series with the same size and length as the previous models. Also, most people does not seem soo interested in this latest launch due to Samsung Galaxy S23 high resemblance with Samsung Galaxy S22 series. The new model was as same as the old one. Except for the width and a millimeter of height. So, ice universe now knew the reason behind the 0.3mm addition in the S23 model.

One of the possible reasons can be the addition in bezels, reportedly 0.15mm on all four sides around the display (which stays at 6.1”). That equates to exactly 0.3mm more height and width on next year’s upcoming model compared to the present one. Know that Galaxy S23+ is 0.4 mm taller and wider than its predecessor, which probably means an additional 0.2 mm for the bezels (the display will again be the same size as now, 6.6”). However, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra model is also a bit bigger than its predecessor (+0.1mm height, +0.2mm width), so it may suffer the same fate.







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SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra

Compared with S22 ultra model so the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a favorite galaxy note series.  However, it is a hidden note series but the more you use it, the more you get it.

Samsung comes in the best smartphone list because of the S Pen with a distinctive design. It is integrated with the Galaxy S series with its powerful cameras and a large battery.

It is a big phone. However, it has an AMOLED display and powerful android processor.

So now the question is that the extra 0.15mm on all four Samsung Galaxy S23 bezels really a big deal? Well Ice Universe thinks so, leakster is very much captivated with smaller bezels and prefers it over bigger ones. Also the smaller ones goes well with th newer and obviously should be better then the older ones. However, we did’nt got any updates regarding the display. At the moment (S23 and S23+ will likely to have  FHD+, and the Ultra version with QHD+).

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